Sunday, January 26, 2020


We are THRILLED to announce we will be adding blue to the Barnett household!
Baby B is a BOY!
When we found out the ultrasound tech laughed and said, I have a feeling you are going to need a new one of everything! YES, yes we will! I have loved having a little girl to dress up in pink and in all the sweet little girly things, so we are going to need all new things around here :) Ella Jane is at the age now where we will still need to keep all of her nursery furniture crib, changing table etc... but we will be able to use the rocking chair in the new nursery!

 We cannot wait for Ella Jane to become a big sister and are so excited to have one of each! The babes will be around 19 months apart. I know we will have our hands VERY full, but I have heard big sisters are the best helpers!
Of course, it wouldn't be us if things were not a little crazy! We are moving in about three weeks :) 
This move keeps us in Dallas, but takes us SO MUCH closer to Tyler's office and we are thrilled to have more time with him. His commute now really cuts into so much family time, so we can't wait to be just a few minutes away from him!
We also moved when I was pregnant with Ella Jane, so I guess its just a tradition?! I would like a less stressful one lol
For now we are busy getting all the kisses and soaking up all of the sweet moments as a family of three!  
I hit the 5 month mark tomorrow, so the race is officially on! I bought Baby B his first little outfits and a few sweet pajamas the other day, and realized I have a long ways to go on getting things complete!