Monday, November 6, 2017


New York is one of my favorite cities, and it just so happen hubs loves it too! This week I traveled to NYC for work and then took a little vacation with Tyler over the weekend. There are always so many fun things to go do, amazing restaurants to eat at, and endless entertainment we never seem to have enough time! This trip was a little different, in that I didn't make any formal reservations for us. It was kind of nice just being able to do whatever we wanted whenever!

This week I was in the city for Market buying product for next May, June and July 2018. I always love market and look forward to picking new product for stores! One of my appointments is close to Bryant Park (see below) so I had a sec to stop by on my way over!
Queen of multi tasking 

Bryant park is one of my favorite places in the city. During the Holiday months they set up adorable little tents for vendors to come sell their goods. We went to Bryant park a few times over the week to shop, eat and just hang out!
One of my favorite artist is actually in Bryant park again this fall: I stopped by to see her again and had to share with yall! You can find her work HERE

This time instead of staying in a hotel, Tyler and I rented an Airbnb in the village and it was such a great decision. I feel like I have been to NY a million times, but this past trip I feel like I truly experienced it! This pic is of Tyler and I walking on the high line- we spent an entire afternoon walking around the west village and then walked the high line and sat and talked!

It just so happened that we were in town for the NYC Marathon. This was my first time seeing the marathon and it was incredible. Tyler and arrived just as the winners were approaching the final mile! We were able to help cheer them on, and to see them run such an amazing race was so cool. I will say this day the weather did take a turn//it was really cold and raining

Because I love this city so much, I had to split this into a two part series! Later this week I will post on some of our travel while in the city and my favorite places to eat while I am there. Hope y'all are having a great start to your week.


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