Saturday, November 11, 2017


I had actually never been to Brooklyn before this trip. Tyler and I took the L train over to Brooklyn and explored for a little bit. We visited DUMBO- home of this fabulous scenery! We also took the time to walk over the Brooklyn bridge since the weather was amazing, it was so beautiful around sunset.

ps I hate pants- but these are my fav BAM BAM BELLS

The best way to get around the city if you are there for more than a day or two is with a Metro Card. I am not a subway queen by any means, but Apple Maps makes it super easy to navigate. Tyler and I got week long passes for only $33 each and we were able to ride the subway almost everywhere we needed to go. 

If nothing else just go to Grand Central Station. Tyler and I stayed at The Roosevelt on a previous trip and its only steps away! This was us last year commuting around 

On this last trip we hit it up some of my favorite restaurants in the city! One of my favorite things about traveling is the food-this girl LOVES to eat. 

My first stop in the city is sometimes always BROOKLYN BAGEL I visit the one on 25th and 8th. Their hand rolled bagels are actual heaven.

Tyler and I love getting pizza together, and the best place to grab a slice is JOE'S PIZZA
I actually dream of this white pizza at night. Its super low key but a great place to just run in and grab a quick lunch.

For an amazing dinner I suggest strolling up and down Mulberry in Little Italy to find nice restaurant.
Make a reservation for 

Beauty and Essex is a pawn shop when you first enter, but then you open a back door to a swanky restaurant that is one of my favorites! The wonton ahi tuna tacos are to.die.for.

Hope to share more fun adventures with you soon! Im outta here for now-


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