Thursday, November 2, 2017


Yesterday I spent the day heading up to the NY for work, and then a little fun! Later this week hubs and I are going to hang out and spend time in the city. I always make full lists of fun things to do, so when we are there we never waste any time! 
Flights from Little Rock are (painfully) early. Since we do not have a direct flight to NY, I have to leave around 6am so I always like to be super organized and ready to go. My skin is always such an issue while traveling- I have super sensitive skin, so I always try to do a few masks and moisturize before flights. I have linked a few of my favorite masks below for you to check out. Each year GlamGlow makes little kits, where you can purchase several masks in mini versions. It is a great way to try out different options!While I am flying, I always make sure I have everything organized. I usually bring a big tote and a carry-on bag to avoid checking a bag... but sometimes it just cant be helped! I like to bring all my cosmetics along with me in flight, and sometimes I even wait and get ready in the airport bathroom or on the plane. I feel like my skin always thanks me when I choose to do that.To make things super easy, I sometimes get lash extensions before going on a long trip. I have a love hate relationship with them! ha They are awesome to get because its so easy to just wake up and go-but the maintenance is a commitment. I actually decided to be in a relationship with them  again yesterday... so hopefully they stay in tact while I am gone! I have added links to the bottom of the post so you can shop all my travel necessities! I included the masks, my favorite in flight eye maks, sunnies and extras! Cant wait to keep yall updated with all the NY fun! Make sure you are following my insta to keep up- I always post stories and pictures there.


Here are all my travel favs

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