Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I say it all the time but I SERIOUSLY have the best friends and fam around. This past weekend I kicked off what I've so lovingly deemed my "F A R E W E L L TOUR" I was feeling so anxious to turn twenty nine, because who wants to leave their twenties?! So I decided to call it what it is, and I'm hoping for the best farewell tour

My twenties have taught me so much- I've loved and I've lost. I have grown leaps and bounds, graduated from college, fallen in love and gotten married, started a career, and am all so much better for it now. I have chased dreams//yall I started my blog, traveled the world and can't imagine my life any other way. Everyone always says college flies by, but then they forget to mention that so do the rest of your twenties. I'm so thankful for where I am today, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here without my people. 

I was able to celebrate the birthday weekend with my family, and all my best friends from college! On Friday I got to work and all my co-workers decorated my office and made me feel so special! That night, Tyler and I hit the road and traveled home. We spent the night at my parents and were able to go have lunch with my fam Saturday afternoon. Also, blessings because I was able to go get my hair done while I was home...theres not much better than that! One of my best girls got married this weekend, and so I was able to kick of 29 just like I did 20, with all my best girls around! We traveled up to NWA to celebrate at Crystal Bridges. The wedding was at 21C and that is where we stayed, and it was a m a z i n g! If you have not been to Bentonville to check it out, you need to go

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend//

We were giggling so hard, because this is a bathroom selfie!! The lighting was soooo good we just couldn't resist. I know its not the best quality, but I figured yall would give me a pass on my birthday! 

With my FAREWELL TOUR in full swing, I have really been reflecting on the past few years, and looking forward to the future. I made a list of all my top experiences this past year, it remided me to be so grateful for what I have- and I can only hope for another year like the last. 
I thought I would share a few of my favorite memories from this past year 
  • T R A V E L was at the top of the list! This past year I traveled all over Europe and to New York, West Palm Beach, Nashville, Boston, Connecticut, Waco, Perdido Key, Utah, Birmingham, Dallas, Las Vegas, Tucson, and of course all around the beautiful state of Arkansas
  • Also, that leads to two of the best weeks of my life- when Tyler and I romped around Europe for fifteen days- there is a mini post on those adventures HERE
  • I joined a book club, and have met the best girls! I am also a reader these days, so shocking if you know me
  • Tyler and I got super involved with our church, and joined small groups
  • Because of that, we met our best friends in Little Rock- all the praises for that
  • We renovated and totally remodeled our master bathroom, out of necessity, but still! Love it now
  • Got to welcome my sissy home from the World Race, an nine month mission trip all over the world and move her back up to Baylor
  • I launched XOBARNETT a dream of mine for six years... hooray for finally achieving my goal!
  • Got a few of my besties engaged and married, even welcomed new babies into the world
  • Spent weekends with our friends and family, making memories we will never forget - including a million ball games cheering my brother on! I can't believe its his senior year of high school
  • Bought a new whip when we got home from Europe, so I spent the summer cruising around
  • Attended my ten year high school reunion, still not sure how thats possible
Hangin in NYC 
Just one of the beautiful new babies I got to meet (WPS)

Love of my life in Germany 
Zane hoopin last basketball season 
 Finding all the cuties at handbag market in NY
That dang 10 year reunion, with my best girl 
Hubby and I in London Town 
Lovers on a little red vespa in Paris 
Callies cute loft in Waco 
Weekend in Dallas with friends 
New Whip  
Fam at the beach this Summer 
Above all I am just so thankful I was able to do all the things with my hubby. This past year he has been my biggest cheerleader, pushed me to achieve things I didn't know where possible, has loved me unconditional, and has been there through some really hard times. I am so grateful for his constant love and affection!

Cheers to another great year, more fabulous adventures and making this the greatest FAREWELL TOUR of all time


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