Thursday, December 7, 2017


I look forward to Christmas cards EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. 
I love to send mail, and there is just something magical about a Christmas card.

Our first married tradition was the CHRISTMAS TREE - I quickly followed up with the Christmas card!
Each year we have photos taken and I find the perfect card to send... I then spend hours addressing, stamping, and adding all the extras.

This year, when we were in Paris, we had pictures taken with Christmas cards in mind. I am so happy we have them to cherish and look back on.
For the past few weeks, I have been working on the card design and layout.
I am finally getting my snail mail out tomorrow

 I have custom stamps from the fabulous PRAIRIE LETTER SHOP - Alex has been making stamps for me since our engagement back in 2013

Can't wait for these to be in your mailbox
This year I used a simple red script for addressing the cards 
To get the embossed stamp in the top left corner of our envelopes, I used ZING glitter finish with THIS heat gun. This process is time consuming, but totally worth it if you ask me!
 I always seal our Christmas cards with our address stamp and fun washi tape!

Cheers to happy mail & my favorite time of year


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