Sunday, December 3, 2017


Today, Tyler and I loaded up in his truck and visited a local Christmas tree farm. I never grew up with a real tree (because allergies), but Tyler was determined to make it a "married" tradition. With a little research, we found a tree hybrid called a Leyland Cypress. They don't produce pollen and aren't super fragrant- so we both win! 

Each year, Tyler drives us out to the farm and we spend forever finding the perfect tree...seriously we walk up and down the aisles forever! Once we find the perfect tree, Tyler cuts it down and we load it up in his truck to bring home- its always so much fun!

Currently can't live without THESE leggings. And I am loving THIS festive scarf! 
yayyy! Here I am with our perfect tree

I normally have all my decorations up by the weekend of Thanksgiving, but that just didn't happen this year! 
Here are a few of my favorite rooms in our house during this time of year//
The mantle always holds my homemade ornament garland- this is so easy to make! Purchase lots of ornaments you like, then string on wire! I have had mine for years, and still love bringing it out!
I swear there is just something about a classic Christmas tree. I have always had crazy over the top trees, but since Tyler and I have gotten married I have come to appreciate old school lights on a real tree. This year, while we were at the tree farm, I also asked for pine branches :) I used the scraps to make a beautiful garland over our entertainment center. 
Love this place we call home!
This table is behind our big couch in the living room. I filled a glass bowl with all of our favorite COTTON COLORS ornaments- we get a new one each year! Also, another MARK ROBERTS fairy and a cute MELSYS illustration completes this table. 
This is our front room. It's mostly an office but we also entertain in here and keep our instruments...
ps no I'm not any good at piano, but practicing! 
Our entry way is always festive! 
The front porch needed Christmas spirit too! This was an older Christmas tree I don't use anymore, so I flocked it and put in a fun red topper. I made bows for our front porch lights, and also this cute wreath a few years back. I finished the front door off with more of the left over pine branches- they are just tied together and finished with a bow!

I hope yall are all enjoying this time of year! Have fun decorating


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