Saturday, December 16, 2017



Tyler and I are so excited because we have booked a trip to Italy. MERRY.CHRISTMAS.TO.US. We are going to be traveling in just nine weeks! This was a last minute decision, but I am so so excited. After little Tootie passed away, I was so sad and lonely; so, Tyler decided I needed a project. I absolutely love to plan trips, so we decided to get away. It has been so much fun to plan the trip and get everything organized.

Last year, around this time, we were planning our trip to Europe for June. Obviously June is an ideal time for a European vacation, but we decided we couldn't wait. We have both always wanted to go to Italy, so we booked a ten day trip for February! I have started doing research on weather, and traveling during off season. It seems like there are obvious benefits to traveling during non-peak season//fewer people, shorter waits, cheaper accommodations - so it should be fun! 

Since neither of us have ever been, I have been reading anything I can get my hands on. This is how I planned our trip last summer, and it definitely paid off to have done the research ahead of time. I would L O V E it if yall had any feedback or suggestions to send our way. I love getting suggestions from friends!

I have literally posted up in our living room to research and book everything for our trip. From booking hotels, to Airbnbs and flights, I am doing it from this little cozy spot 

Here is what we have on the books so far//
Flying out of NY (JFK) and into Germany. We have a quick layover in Frankfurt, and then we will fly into Rome. 

 ps if you live in Arkansas, or a "flyover state" I always suggest looking to book your round trip tickets out of a different place. Our big vacation this past year was booked out of Boston, and this trip to Italy will be out of New York. Normally you can find much lower airline rates flying out of a big city (on the coast) and can just book travel from your local airport to the airport you will be traveling from. This does take a little research and patience when booking, but can save you SO MUCH MONEY! I always use THIS website to search for flights, because you can filter locations easily. 

We are planning on staying in Rome for three nights, one of which we will celebrate hubs 28th birthday!! We haven't decided if we are going to take any day trips from Rome, so if you have suggestions hit me up!

Then we are going to train from Rome to Siena, and spend a night in the Italian countryside, then head to Florence... I am over the moon excited to visit Florence. I love art, and have always dreamed of visiting. We are also planning to spend three nights in Florence- and are open for suggestions there as well.

We booked our return flight out of Milan, so it will be our last stop. We are going to travel from Milan to Lake Como and visit Switzerland for a day before we head back home. 

If you have been to Italy or have any great suggestions, seriously CALL/COMMENT/TEXT/EMAIL me! For now, I will just be reading all the RICK STEVES books I can find, and pinning my little heart away. 


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