Saturday, January 13, 2018


I spent my week traveling for work and I am finally back home! I won't lie, the warm weather was more than welcomed. I was in California, Las Vegas, and the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. PSA Scottsdale is beautiful and it's on my short list of places for me and Tyler to visit on a long weekend. Meanwhile, I will be in Arkansas for the next few days and I am hopeful for some sunshine here soon!

Everyone at my office jokes that I literally never wear's just not really my thing. I love a cute dress, and to be honest, most of my work wardrobe is all about dresses. Major exception comes with the bam bam bells from MuMu. I own these pants five times over because they are that fabulous. All bam bam bells are super comfortable and in my opinion the cutest. These velvet bells are perfect for the winter! Paired with a tunic, sweater, or an off the shoulder top for when I am not at work these little cuties are my go to!

You can find my favorite pants by clicking HERE //wearing size small
My tunic top is HERE //wearing size small
SUNNIES // Similar bag HERE

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
Tyler and I are both in Little Rock this weekend, just hanging out. We are doing some preliminary research on becoming dog parents again :) If you have any information on King Charles Cavaliers let me know! We are currently looking for breeders and puppies who will be available this Spring. I posted on Facebook for recommendations, and also to let everyone know they lied when they said it would get easier after Lucy passed away. I think I am ready to bring home a little fur baby before too long, maybe even sisters...