Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Any excuse to celebrate a holiday filled with pink, all the hearts and L O V E sounds like a good idea to me! I am notorious for sending more snail mail than anyone my generation, but it's something that's a lost art! I mean who doesn't love to get something pretty in the mail?! As I am learning how to "adult" I realize why my parents were never so excited to get to the mailbox...when you get older it's all bills or things you don't even want to open, unless there is a little surprise from a friend!

You do not even have to be crafty to achieve a fabulous Valentine/GALentine day card! My mother claims she isn't crafty at all (lies, I know yall saw her Holiday table HERE) but; nonetheless, I just always tell her you got this- just pick up all the things you like. I think this is true in decorating, designing or even making a little valentine. If you select all the things you like, it will come together perfectly!

Most of my supplies are just picked up from "The Spot" at Target. Can I get an amen for that?! 
I love to stroll into Target on lunch, and I always find the cutest things to use. Other things are from my local craft store (Hob Lob / Michaels) or linked below. 

The key to achieving F A B valentine is simple:

Pick up as much pink and red as possible
Find a card base//something you can use to write your message on
Look for a glitter or fun lined envelope for an extra pop
Don't forget to grab stickers and sparkles
Cute washi tape makes everything better
Add little sass with a custom return stamp
Grab some ribbon, sequins and twine
Find a fun filler for your card- a SURPRISE when its opened
Seal it with a kiss and a cute stamp

Here is a look at all of my supplies I gathered for the 
2018 V A L E N T I N E ' S CARD
Once I have collected all of my supplies, I get to work!
I always come up with a cute saying or fun quote for the home-made cards. 
Again, you don't have to be super extra with this... sometimes I just write Happy Valentines Day :)
Once you have written out your cute love note, wrap a little string or twine around the card and stuff it in your envelope. Once the card is in the envelope, fill it with sequins, glitter or foam hearts! Just whatever your heart desires
The final step is to address your card. This year I chose to highlight the name and write out the address in a different color ink. I put cute hearts between each zip code number for a fun touch. Complete your valentine with a cute stamp and address return! ps- I always make an extra to keep so I can remember what I did the next year. Its so fun to look back on!
Since I have been up to this for so many years, I thought I would show off some previous work. As you can see, each year is a little different, but always the same concept. I got very fancy and even added a wax seal a few years ago!
2017 // 2016 // 2015

Hope this fun tutorial inspires you to send a little LOVE 
You can shop some of my favorite goodies using the links below:
For custom stamps check out ZAZZLE // you can upload your own design or choose to edit an existing custom stamp with your name or information
Shop my new favorite stamp at your local post office or check it out on USPS
My custom return stamp and address stamp are from the fab PRAIRIE LETTER SHOP
Here are some of my favorite pens for hand lettering:
LE PLUME // MUJI in store // Metallic SHARPIE// Recollections from Michaels


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