Sunday, January 21, 2018


Home Sweet Home - I have been out traveling so much the past two weeks! I always love to travel and don't turn down the chance to very often, but there is always something wonderful about finally being home. This past week I was in Savannah - and FYI it's absolutely stunning! I fell in love instantly. I called hubs and told him we had to come together ASAP! The Spanish moss and gorgeous old town had me swooning. 

Anyway, since getting back home, I have been on a mission to clean the house! A few weeks ago Tyler and I went to IKEA and since, I have officially hacked everything and set the house with my new finds. Tyler and I both have a bedroom in our house; we laugh and say it's what makes for a good marriage. His room has a big tv and gaming things, and mine is filled with all of my favorite things. It's essentially just a room for our furniture we brought into the marriage :) Mine has been on my to-do list since we moved into our house, but obviously wasn't the first priority! 

My room is filled with all my books, my makeup, and favorite things I have collected over the years and all the girly details I love. I use my room to get ready each day, relax and read a book, and also to blog! When we went to IKEA, I made a list and checked it twice with a few things I knew my room needed for final touches. I scooped up a hanging rack, so I could organize all my clothes I need to pack, wear soon, or even shoot for the blog. It was so boring and white, so I added a little gold spray paint to make it pop//see below. I also knew a new lighting fixture would change the game in here. I found this amazing shade with rose gold interior, and I sweet talked my husband into wiring it up for me! I love the gold aura it gives off when I turn it on!
PS you can find the Nymo lamp shade HERE

 I think a cozy bed is the most important thing! I love to stack pillows and layer different fabrics and textures together! You can find my quilt by clicking  HERE //currently on sale
And my pink throw at the end of my bed is HERE I love it so much I also have it in my living room in cream 
All artwork in this little corner is from MELSYS //White frames are RIBBA from IKEA
My pillows are mixed and matched as well! You can find my Monogramed Euro pillows HERE 
The others with yellow accents are from Echo Designs THROW PILLOW // EURO // Full Set HERE      
This is a shelf I picked up from IKEA - You can find it HERE
This Draget Shelving unit had a glam makeover by applying THIS MARBLE contact paper! I was so excited to get a shelf in this room for all of my book club books, and fun things I have collected over the years! Tyler had my bouquet from our wedding painted for our first wedding anniversary, a gift I will forever treasure- found on the bottom shelf! I also love to frame a good card, and thats exactly what I did with the London print on shelf two - I found the card at Harrods from our trip last summer!
This is a vintage desk I painted back in college and have been using as a vanity since! I store all of my makeup and most of my jewelry in all the drawers :) Although I hung up my pointe shoes over a decade ago, I always keep them close! I am such a sentimental and nostalgic person :) PS: I ordered this gold bench from Kirklands and I have loved it- you can find it by clicking HERE
 For a fun large print frame wrapping paper! I am obsessed with RIFLE so I framed one of the wrapping paper prints they sell by the sheet! I am also obsessed with vintage things, and found this gorgeous vase awhile back! I knew it had to be mine when I found it - filled it with succulents for a double bonus!
 Here is my fun clothing rack! I taped off both sides and added a little gold spray paint for a quick upgrade. The rack is under $10 and was just what I was looking for! This is such a quick and EASY IKEA hack! Mulig rack can be found HERE  My vintage Dooney & Bourke trunk is showing off, and those are all fun clothes and cute shoes I am pulling together!

My room is painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams - It is one of my favorite colors! It is in all of our hallways and is so light and airy. I have had a blast putting this room together and I hope you loved the mini-tour! I have done my best to link things, but if you have any questions let me know
Happy Sunday Friends


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