Saturday, February 17, 2018


CIAO FRIENDS//writing this post from the Chicago O'hare New York's JFK Airport. We are so happy to be heading to Italy. Our layover in Chicago went super quick, so now we are in NY waiting to take off! 
I had mentioned on my post earlier this week that I was so excited to work on packing and have takeout with hubs...well change of plans! We had take out but we didn't pack a single thing!

Tyler was joking with me that it's "so like me" to be not packed, not have an itinerary planned and to just wing it. Laughable, its actually nothing like me at all! We have just been so busy lately that I have not had any time to focus on getting things prepared for our trip.

So last night we stayed up almost all night to do laundry, pack and get ready to go! Thought I would share some of my best tips and tricks for traveling and packing at the last minute.
Airport Necessities// cute passport holders, crossbody and laptop! 

Even if you are leaving in less than 12 hours, it's important to get organized! I love to make lists, and actually think about what I am going to need on a trip. This time I didn't have time for the lists, but I did actually sit down for a few minutes to look at the weather and decide what I might need.  It's so easy to just throw in what you think you might need, and not plan for what's to come! I saw a funny meme that was like "wears the same sweater and pants for 10 days, goes on a weekend trip and packs 23 tops and 10 pairs of jeans" It is SO EASY to do that, so this is how I avoid packing my entire closet :)

I pull out everything from my closet that I am thinking I may want to wear/bring with me on a trip
Then I move it to my office/bedroom and hang it all on my clothing rack// you can find the IKEA hack for that HERE

Next, I look to see what doesn't coordinate with anything else, like I love this but it doesn't match any of the pants I planned on taking and requires shoes I wasn't planning on bringing. Unless you have unlimited space, you have to pack smart!  That brings me to my next tip, use packing cubes to store your clothing. 

My sister traveled the world for 9 months doing mission work, and lived out of one bag the entire time- we learned all about packing smart when she left, and discovered THESE compression cubes. I also had a girfriend gift me those cute SHOE bags, and another friend gift me that cute LUGGAGE tag! It is important to look cute, too :)

Once you have pulled everything you want to take together, try things on! I know this takes time, but so many times I think something is going to be flawless in my head, and when I put it on I'm simply not feeling it... It is silly to waste valuable space for something you don't even end up wearing! 

Tyler and I are actually trying something new this trip, despite getting new cute luggage (pictured above) we are going a different route. Last Summer we visited Europe //brief recap HERE and both packed in a large rolling suitcase. It sounds great in theory, but in all actuality it was a disaster! I broke the handle off my luggage in Germany, literally our first stop, and swore I would never do that again! 
We are traveling mostly by train, and found THESE Patagonia bags that can convert from duffel to backpack in seconds! This makes getting on and off the train so much easier, and I am excited to try them. Mine weighed in at 39 pounds this morning- I M P R E S S I VE considering its loaded with boots, dresses, sweaters and a winter coat! I will let yall know thoughts in a recap later! 

I hope these few tips and tricks help you pack on your next trip. It's always a little overwhelming at first, but stay focused and you will get there! 
Follow along with my Insta-stories while we are gone// WHITGIRL22

Tyler and I are taking the red eye from JFK to Frankfurt, then we head to Rome! I will be busy reading my books and researching how to spend our time while we are there on the flights over... better late than never right?! I will do my best to update as we go, but I promise fun recaps for each city will be coming to you once we are back home :) 


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