Saturday, February 10, 2018


The Barnett's have a V E R Y exciting announcement 
Twin King Charles Cavaliers will be coming home with us next month. We are so excited to have found our perfect puppies, and cannot wait for them to make the journey from Corpus Christi, TX to Arkansas. We spent hours, days even weeks researching to find a breed that was right for us...and we are just so smitten.
Beaux & Milly will be making their debut before too long, so if anyone has great recommendations for new puppy parents let us know! This will be our first go at being puppy parents together, and we are so excited! 
Beaux is a little Blenhein boy and Milly is a tri-color girl

We have been working on timing for the new pups, and we will be bringing them home at 9-10 weeks and after we return from our trip to Italy. Which brings me to Italy, we leave next week. It seems like just yesterday I was writing this POST about booking our trip! We are set to leave a week from today, and travel to Rome, Siena, Florence and Milan. We have decided to take a train from Milan to Switzerland to explore there for a day as well.

Our trip planning started off with a bang, and now I have been so busy traveling I am going to be trying to catch up on everything I don't have planed for the next week. I am so excited to share our trip details for you while we are away! I love reading travel posts, so I will do my best to save all the details for yall :)

This week I spent in New York for market. Monday and Tuesday were great in the city, no problems getting around or getting to appointments at all- then Wednesday came. I decided all I could do was laugh... I woke up to snow, then freezing rain, then rain. It was a treat to say the least! 
February is an off time to visit the city though, so getting cars and typical "waits" you have to endure do not exist right now. You can easily get taxis, head to a restaurant, or pop in for a coffee without the typical wait. I am hoping for the same luck when we visit Italy!

Here are some fun pics of my trip this week//
How fun is this chair?! This is in one of the buildings I visit for an appointment. You can shop my sweater from this POST and my favorite OTK boots from this POST
PS- I will never get over a sunset like this with a view like that 
On Tuesday I wore the cutest jumpsuit, but failed to get a picture in it. I was so busy that day I couldn't even pause, but I will get the information for you soon :)
I stopped in Henri Bendel on Tuesday night and picked up a new cosmetic case. I love their signature brown and white stripe!
On Wednesday in the messy weather I even had time to stop by the post to drop off a letter to my bestie back home. Excuse the messy bun and sleet I am standing in! 

So now what I am sure you have all been waiting for...
Everyone meet
 M I L L Y + B E A U X 
They seem to be very naughty, and they are growing like a weed! I speak to our breeder at least 3-4 times a week and she is constantly sending me pictures and videos! We are so excited to have a brother and sister that can always have each other and play together. I promise for more PUPDATES soon!

Have a great weekend

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