Wednesday, March 21, 2018


So things have been a little lot crazy around here lately. Currently, Tyler is full time in Dallas and I am wrapping up things in Little Rock. We are both working like crazy to get everything organized and the move in full swing. I have had so many text, calls and messages I thought I would share some fun details about the move now that we know a little more.

Where Now?!
So if you follow me on insta you know last weekend Tyler and I visited Dallas, hopeful to find a new place to live. In true Whitney fashion, I had a detailed spreadsheet with all the pro's and con's of each place we had found online, and a map with each place plotted. Well, God had a sense of humor on Friday because it was a total disaster. Every single place we planned on potentially renting did not work out... not one of them! We visited eight different places, and although they were great, none of them had everything we were hoping for. I was so deflated, at one point Tyler looked over and told me I could cry if I needed to. lol I did

Each place was perfect on paper, but none of them were exactly what we were looking for! Since we have the puppers coming NEXT WEEKEND (omg) we knew we needed a place on the first floor, and without carpet etc. When none of them were "the place" we decided to go back to the hotel and do more research. We stayed up so late, and compiled a new list for Saturday morning. 

When we woke up Saturday we realized we had our hands full, trying to dodge one of the largest St. Patty's day parades in the country. lol We both wore green for good luck, said lots of prayers, and thankfully ended up finding our place!!

Our apartment is in the perfect location and provides all the amenities and things we were looking for! It is a two bedroom apartment that is in a brand new building, and has literally everything we wanted. We were able to sign the lease then, and Tyler has moved in this week!

We have a few more things to wrap up at our house in Little Rock before we put it on the market. We have painters coming over the next few days to touch up all of the trim and doors, and then I think we will be ready to go! I am so excited for our new adventure, but it is a little sentimental selling our first home we owned together. We have the best memories, and I will never forget all of our great times here!

We have movers scheduled to move all the *things* to Dallas within the next month, and in the mean time I am going to focus on cleaning everything out!! I will have clothes, furniture, and everything in between for sale if you know anyone who needs anything!

This past week has been a wild ride, I feel so blessed to have all the love and support that I do. Tyler started his new job on Monday, and loves it! He is doing great and knows he is going to really love his new position. I am so excited for him, and can't wait to see him soon!
so lucky to be with a guy who makes me laugh, and makes the best of every situation!
 He is my favorite :)
 The blog name has lots of meaning, but it fits perfectly here XOBARNETT

Also, I will be able to post some pics of the apartment soon! Can't wait to be down there and decorate our little nest :) More to come soon


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