Saturday, March 3, 2018


Tyler and I just got back this week from a ten day trip to Italy and it was just what we needed. We traveled to Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Milan and took a quick day trip to Switzerland. We ate more than you could imagine, and had the best time getting to relax together. I have been so excited to share all of our adventures and experiences with yall. 

Last June, Tyler and I went on a big Europe trip together, and I used all my vacation days at once... that means I hadn't had an official vacation day in forever. Thankfully we took lots of weekend trips and did fun things with holiday weekends, but everyone needs a fun break! We had been so looking forward to this somewhat last minute trip, and it really did not disappoint. 

As expected, the weather was cooler than our last visit across the pond. But honestly we didn't realize how cold it would be. Some days it was nice, and others I would bundle up to go outside! It really was worth it to have a few cold days though, the lines were very minimal and most places didn't even require reservations. We both packed a coat and just bundled up on cold days to go explore!
Here we are bundled up overlooking Florence

 The colder weather did make packing a bit more difficult, when you go on a summer trip a few bikinis, sandals and cutoffs will do- but sweaters, coats, scarves and pants are so bulky! I did manage to fit everything into my duffel/backpack. We laughed because it weighed 39 pounds when we left the country and 48 when we came back
Here I am in JFK ready to leave with my bag packed// cheers to no makeup and Nikes
A few of you have asked how the duffel worked out. I was so impressed that I was able to squeeze all of my belongings into the duffel, but then I realized how heavy it really was! The duffel made transitioning from city to city much easier than having a rolling suitcase that had to roll across ancient brick walks, or carried up 4 flights of stairs. So in that, it was totally worth it. I did tell Tyler I would need a chiropractor the second my feet hit US soil. ha We did check our bags both ways, but if you didn't have it filled to the brim I bet you could carry it on!
You can find all my bag details HERE


We had such a wonderful time on our a ten day trip and a few of my favorite highlights by city are below// I filled my camera roll up and made memories to last a lifetime. Each city was so unique, and our stay in each was exciting because of that. We totally embraced the culture, and loved visiting Italy together.

R O M E 
Rome was our first stop on the trip, and we truly live like locals here. We stayed in an AIRBNB just 67 steps away from the colosseum... I counted one night :) The stay was wonderful, and the company was even better! Tyler had a birthday while we were in Rome, and we celebrated in true Tyler fashion- by visiting more museums, cathedrals and monuments than I thought possible. It was crazy to see things I had only read about, and the big city kept us busy our entire stay.
Here we are at the colosseum on our first day sightseeing in Rome
I underestimated how big Rome would feel, the city was filled with tourism and attractions to keep your itenerary filled for days. Thankfully Beezy is filed with facts to keep my questions answered- I enjoyed exploring this city with him so much.

This hill town stole my heart. What Siena doesn't have in size, it makes up for 100 times in character. It was the smallest place we stayed but the food, culture and people in Siena swept me off my feet. We stayed at an amazing boutique hotel here, and and the best meal of our trip at a restaurant here one night. I would go back here in an instant and I truly consider this a must see! We also discovered hill towns outside of Siena on our visit here, and it was really interesting to see all of the old cities, castles and walls that had been built so long ago.
Here I am outside the gorgeous church in Siena, I know its hard to believe, but the inside is actually prettier than the exterior! I was obsessed with the gold, cream and black combo

When we booked our trip to Italy, Florence was the place I was most excited to see. The city really didn't let us down, Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance... meaning the art and the architecture were amazing. We got to really live like a local in this city too, since we stayed in an AIRBNB apartment. The views from our apartment were stunning, and the atmosphere in Florence was so cool. Everyone told me it would be my favorite stop on the trip, and it was my favorite major destination. The combination of the shopping, dining and art made it as dreamy as you imagine. The food was excellent here, and I confirmed my love for gelato daily!
Here I am hanging out with TUSK and a million leather handbags//sounds like a perfect combo for a girl like me! #WPS yall

M I L A N / S W I T Z E R L A N D 
Our final destination on our trip was northern Italy and Switzerland. I have always always always wanted to see Switzerland, and this trip was the perfect opportunity. We took a train from Milan up to Lugano, Switzerland for the day and enjoyed lots of snow and chocolates. When I look back on the trip this is actually one of my favorite memories because this little side trip did not go as planned! We didn't have phone service, a map, the current currency or a clue where to go- but it was so fun! The snow turned into a whiteout, and we ended up spending all of our Swiss francs we had acquired to catch an early train home. We have laughed over an over about this day, and I am so glad we went.
The beautiful town of Lugano is behind me, you would just never know it!

I hope to put together a travel guide and review by city, but I was dying to post about the trip. I wish every vacation was made up of a combination of relaxation and exploring like this past trip to Italy. We really took time to relax, sleep in, and nap but didn't feel like we missed out on one thing. I call that a win in my book!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to catch you up on more travel details soon


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