Sunday, May 27, 2018


Thanks to the twins I am never at a loss for things to do to stay active! Trying to keep up with two pups keeps me going twenty-four-seven. Milly & Beaux love to play outside and walk on their leashes, so we go on walks everyday. We also spend lots of time at the dog park, that is only a block away. I get to run around with them and just like having a baby/toddler, life is always better when they have played so hard they are worn out.
 I have always stayed active in different ways... My form of fitness has changed over the years: from cheer and dance to cardio and Zumba I have done it all. My go to in the gym for the past decade has always been the elliptical, and we now have a gym just steps away! Unfortunately, the elliptical makes me SO nauseous, so I am avoiding that for now :) I use our gym to do light weight training twice a week - just using free weights and targeting specific areas. I also have been doing at home pre-natal workouts that have been so helpful!
By no means am I "hardcore" but I do enjoy staying fit, and who doesn't love playing with pups! I find I always have a better workout when I am feeling cute, too! This may sound so silly, but a good workout top, great shorts or leggings and my favorite sneaks always motivate me! I am very brand loyal to Nike, the fit is always best for me and I find their stuff best for all my activities- but I just scored the C U T E S T workout shorts and had to share! You will seriously never guess where they are from...
These adorable shorts are under $20 and I am LOVING the fit!
They are currently on sale over the weekend for under $10

This adorable print makes them an easy "add to the cart" situation! They are made like the Nike shorts + Lulu Lemon shorts that are lined, and run TTS. I have sized up to a medium for more room for me and baby B throughout the pregnancy!
I found them at Old Navy and I am seriously SO impressed! You can shop for them by clicking HERE I purchased them in the floral multi, but will be going back for more. 
Twins reminding me to always stop and smell the flowers! Took these pictures over the holiday weekend, the bump is growing- but still a little hard to see :) I am just over fifteen weeks and so thankful to be getting some of my energy back!

Hope you have a fab Memorial Day weekend

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Sweet Beaux and Milly have been soaking up the sun in Dallas! The twins are loving life here in Texas, and growing so much. I seriously looked back at pictures of them a few days ago and almost started crying (bc pregnant lol)  I don't think I realized how big they had gotten until I looked back at old pictures! So... I felt the need to pupdate on the babies! 

While we took pictures for the BABY BARNETT blog post, we also took some cute family pictures together with the twins! I have a feeling these will be some of my favorites to look back on down the road. You can see both of their little personalities, and I love that. 
 We have a classic case of Daddy's girl and Momma's boy at our house!
Callie came and took these pictures for us, and snapped this one as we were walking! It is seriously one of my favorite pictures. 
So grateful for our little family of four, soon to be five! 
I will never, repeat never, get over those eyes! Look at him...

Milly and Beaux are King Charles Cavaliers, and we got them from Corpus Christi, Texas! You can read all about the adventure HERE

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Mom is just a three letter word, but it means the world to me...
 This Mother’s Day I am feeling even more grateful for my wonderful mother! 

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family and at the very center of that is mom! She leads by example, is compassionate and caring and would give anything for us! I seriously don’t know how she has done it all these years. Next week my brother will graduate high school- meaning my parents have had kids in the house for almost three decades on end! Moms commitment to daddy, all of us kids and the church is so impressive - and one day (very soon!!) 
I hope I can be half as amazing as she is! 
I am so close to my mom- we literally have been inseparable since day one. She taught me to love music and how to be the best cheerleader and dancer around, taught me from a young age how to host the best parties and get togethers, grounded me with lots of home town pride, and most importantly challenged me to be the best Whitney I could! The endless sleepovers, pool parties and shenanigans she supported and made happen are too numbered to count. She made our house and backyard the place to be, and I hope I can do the same for our kids! 

In some ways we are identical but it many we are so different. Mom is super laid back (I wish I would have gotten that!) and also reminds me that all the things in life don’t matter. I love our time together in the kitchen, planning our next event, decorating and shopping, and grabbing iced teas together from Dunkin! A zillion things have changed over the years, but my love for mom has never wavered. 
 My best day ever
We have lots of memories behind this picture//it was the night of my wedding rehearsal dinner and I had just gotten out of the hospital hours earlier. Mom put me together, and we made it! 

Tyler and I are both blessed to be raised my amazing families with strong mothers, and loving grandmothers! I have a wonderful mother-in-law who loves me like I am her own, and I was able to add in some fabulous grandparents as well when I took my new last name! People always say a guy marries someone who reminds him of his mother, and if that’s the case I consider that an honor! My MIL is the sweetest, she is tiny and cute but loves big. She is always so inviting, loves to chat and loves spending time with both me and Tyler! I’m so thankful to have Lisa in my life. 
Same night with my future SIL and MIL!
My sweet grandmothers have also been an instrumental roll in my life! 

Grandma Peggy is one of the strongest women I know. Her love for her family, church and her community are so obvious. She loves big and I am so glad to be one of the grandkid dozen! A get together at Pegs House means we’re probably making the front page of the Clay County Courier - and I wouldn’t change that for the world! 
told you we know how to celebrate! 

My Nanny is now just a walk down the street from my parents house instead of living in West Texas like she did when I was a little girl. My Nan loves us so much and taught me from a young age it’s totally fine to be fancy!! She loves shop with me, talk in the kitchen and treats us to the best Sunday lunch (she bakes the best strawberry pie) I am so lucky to have my Nan so close! 
 Me with my fabulous Nan

This Mother’s Day will be my last flying solo- hopefully by this time next year we will be holding sweet baby Barnett! I am truly honored to have been given the roll as mom, and my prayer each day is that I can use the wonderful examples set before me to “mom” to the best of my abilities. 
Thank you again to my momma, and to all the wonderful mothers in my life! 

Ps. up writing this at 3am now 4am because apparently baby Barnett doesn’t know it’s Mother’s Day and isn’t grateful I’m his/her momma yet! 
Thursday, May 10, 2018


Baby Barnett Coming November 2018

Those are probably the most exciting words I think I will ever type 
Tyler and I are so excited to welcome baby Barnett to the family this fall. This is by far our greatest blessing, and most exciting news! We have been married almost four years, and have gotten the chance to experience life together, travel the world and even take on a big move together- all before bringing home our bundle of joy. We know that God has very special plans for our little family and we cannot wait for this adventure to come! Some days it still doesn't even feel real//Starting a family is something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, and am so thrilled to be a mom soon! Tyler is over the moon excited, and we cannot wait for November. 
 We have been keeping a really, really big secret for what feels like forever! We found out really early on, I just had a feeling kind of thing... and sure enough we were pregnant! We found out at four or five weeks, and tomorrow I will be thirteen weeks! (Praises, because bye-bye first trimester) So this has obviously been a sweet secret for awhile now! Tyler and I found out about baby Barnett the week he was leaving to start his job in Dallas - so all that packing, getting the house on the market, moving and bringing home the twins was done while keeping a big secret! 

As you can imagine our parents and family are beyond elated! Baby Barnett is going to be the first grand-baby on both sides of our family. Of course everyone has wanted us to have babies forever, so the news is even sweeter. Seriously, it's all my granddad ever talks about :) Tyler and I knew we wanted to travel and have the chance to live a married life together before bringing home babies- and we are both so glad we did! After booking our trip to Italy at the end of last year, we knew it maybe our last big trip before starting a family, and turns out it was! I feel like waiting has made this time even more special for us, and we are so happy to be sharing the news with everyone we love. 
We have found an amazing doctor in Dallas, and were overjoyed to see our little baby, and hear the heartbeat a few weeks back! I go back on Monday for another checkup, and to see how everything is going. My grandma told me that pregnancy goes like your mom's most of the time- and so far its true. I have been sick the entire time, and have never been this sleepy in my life! (Ang was sick non-stop for seven months.... I am praying the nausea slows down for me like tomorrow) but regardless we are just so excited. So far I have not gained any weight, but I have a little tiny bump!
As far as cravings...All I want to eat is Chic-fil-a! I may have personally boosted their sales with my kids meal order (ha) And my usual salads, grilled chicken and veggies are out the window. Seriously, nothing sounds more disgusting! I have been able to stay active with the twins and somehow managing to keep my diet in line- even though its a struggle some days! 
I am so excited to share our big news with everyone, and to keep yall updated with the latest and greatest around here! It has been SO HARD to blog knowing I had to keep this secret, it has just consumed our life and to not mention it has been so difficult! 
We feel so incredibly blessed and cannot wait for what is in store.
All of our love from the future fam of F I V E

Sunday, May 6, 2018


My DIY Moving Announcements are ready for the postman!
 I have a framed card (somewhere) that says I keep the postman hustlin'
Probably one of my favorite quotes!

Creating cute mailers, documents and invites is so easy online! 
I discovered CANVA awhile back, and it is just too good not to share. This online design resource is a super user-friendly way to create printables for free. I have used the website to create content for my blog (like the recipe I have shared on THIS BLOG POST) to update my resume, and also to create these adorable moving announcements! 
All you need to do is sign up as a member, and you can search lots of design templates, or create your own from scratch. I was able to create our moving announcements in minutes with this website- and then just ordered them from vista-print! 
Here is a working screenshot from the website:
You can easily change the text size, color and font as well as drop in images or borders!
I have created this version without our address for you to see what it looks like working

After you're design is complete, all you do is click the download button and it saves to your desktop as a PDF or JPEG! 

Thankfully I was able to get all the envelopes addressed this past week, before the flood came! 
(ps our apartment flooded over the weekend when an upstairs neighbor drilled into the water line)
Tyler and I are meeting with the management team at the apartment tomorrow to see what the game-plan is for the future! We are currently camped out at a hotel nearby, the dogs and all :) We were home when the flood happened, so we were able to move most of our furniture out of the way, and get buckets (lol trashcans) to catch the water that was pouring. Most all of the waterfall happened in the main living area like the entry, kitchen, dining and living room- not our bedrooms! (blessed, not the closet
They have already sent in crews to start working on the apartment, but we are currently not able to live there. We stopped by this morning to check on everything- they are currently working on drying out everything and have pulled the baseboards and started venting into the ceiling. Keep ya posted on what is to come!

Now go check out Canva and get to creating cute things, friends! 

Saturday, May 5, 2018


This past week has been our first official week here, without boxes and unpacking! I have had so many friends call and check in, and see how things are going in Dallas. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life, even if everyone is hundreds of miles alway :) It has been so nice to enjoy our apartment, the pups and time together!

This past week I have really had the chance to enjoy some of my favorite things... I have cooked so much, gotten some snail mail in the works and even had a visit from my little sister. 
Callie is just over an hour away, so she came up and visited for a little birthday celebration on Monday! I made hand-rolled white chicken enchiladas with rice and homemade salsa. It was SO YUMMY! I also stepped my game up and made a homemade birthday cake for her. 
It's no secret I LOVE to cook, but I am not in my element baking. I H A T E to measure things, I didn't even own measuring utensils until I was married... 
But I managed this funfetti cake (our favorite) with a homemade icing for my best girl!
Fun cake for my sweet sister! Happy 21st Callie

I always have so much fun uploading pictures of cooking and kitchen prep on my insta-stories! I did a step by step of the enchiladas on Monday and also of my homemade Quiche Lorraine today with a homemade crust!
 Making Brunch for my favorite guy 
Tyler and I had such a relaxing morning with each other and the pups- we are excited to try a new church tomorrow! 

The twins hope you have a great weekend!