Saturday, May 5, 2018


This past week has been our first official week here, without boxes and unpacking! I have had so many friends call and check in, and see how things are going in Dallas. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life, even if everyone is hundreds of miles alway :) It has been so nice to enjoy our apartment, the pups and time together!

This past week I have really had the chance to enjoy some of my favorite things... I have cooked so much, gotten some snail mail in the works and even had a visit from my little sister. 
Callie is just over an hour away, so she came up and visited for a little birthday celebration on Monday! I made hand-rolled white chicken enchiladas with rice and homemade salsa. It was SO YUMMY! I also stepped my game up and made a homemade birthday cake for her. 
It's no secret I LOVE to cook, but I am not in my element baking. I H A T E to measure things, I didn't even own measuring utensils until I was married... 
But I managed this funfetti cake (our favorite) with a homemade icing for my best girl!
Fun cake for my sweet sister! Happy 21st Callie

I always have so much fun uploading pictures of cooking and kitchen prep on my insta-stories! I did a step by step of the enchiladas on Monday and also of my homemade Quiche Lorraine today with a homemade crust!
 Making Brunch for my favorite guy 
Tyler and I had such a relaxing morning with each other and the pups- we are excited to try a new church tomorrow! 

The twins hope you have a great weekend!

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