Thursday, May 17, 2018


Sweet Beaux and Milly have been soaking up the sun in Dallas! The twins are loving life here in Texas, and growing so much. I seriously looked back at pictures of them a few days ago and almost started crying (bc pregnant lol)  I don't think I realized how big they had gotten until I looked back at old pictures! So... I felt the need to pupdate on the babies! 

While we took pictures for the BABY BARNETT blog post, we also took some cute family pictures together with the twins! I have a feeling these will be some of my favorites to look back on down the road. You can see both of their little personalities, and I love that. 
 We have a classic case of Daddy's girl and Momma's boy at our house!
Callie came and took these pictures for us, and snapped this one as we were walking! It is seriously one of my favorite pictures. 
So grateful for our little family of four, soon to be five! 
I will never, repeat never, get over those eyes! Look at him...

Milly and Beaux are King Charles Cavaliers, and we got them from Corpus Christi, Texas! You can read all about the adventure HERE


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