Thursday, May 10, 2018


Baby Barnett Coming November 2018

Those are probably the most exciting words I think I will ever type 
Tyler and I are so excited to welcome baby Barnett to the family this fall. This is by far our greatest blessing, and most exciting news! We have been married almost four years, and have gotten the chance to experience life together, travel the world and even take on a big move together- all before bringing home our bundle of joy. We know that God has very special plans for our little family and we cannot wait for this adventure to come! Some days it still doesn't even feel real//Starting a family is something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, and am so thrilled to be a mom soon! Tyler is over the moon excited, and we cannot wait for November. 
 We have been keeping a really, really big secret for what feels like forever! We found out really early on, I just had a feeling kind of thing... and sure enough we were pregnant! We found out at four or five weeks, and tomorrow I will be thirteen weeks! (Praises, because bye-bye first trimester) So this has obviously been a sweet secret for awhile now! Tyler and I found out about baby Barnett the week he was leaving to start his job in Dallas - so all that packing, getting the house on the market, moving and bringing home the twins was done while keeping a big secret! 

As you can imagine our parents and family are beyond elated! Baby Barnett is going to be the first grand-baby on both sides of our family. Of course everyone has wanted us to have babies forever, so the news is even sweeter. Seriously, it's all my granddad ever talks about :) Tyler and I knew we wanted to travel and have the chance to live a married life together before bringing home babies- and we are both so glad we did! After booking our trip to Italy at the end of last year, we knew it maybe our last big trip before starting a family, and turns out it was! I feel like waiting has made this time even more special for us, and we are so happy to be sharing the news with everyone we love. 
We have found an amazing doctor in Dallas, and were overjoyed to see our little baby, and hear the heartbeat a few weeks back! I go back on Monday for another checkup, and to see how everything is going. My grandma told me that pregnancy goes like your mom's most of the time- and so far its true. I have been sick the entire time, and have never been this sleepy in my life! (Ang was sick non-stop for seven months.... I am praying the nausea slows down for me like tomorrow) but regardless we are just so excited. So far I have not gained any weight, but I have a little tiny bump!
As far as cravings...All I want to eat is Chic-fil-a! I may have personally boosted their sales with my kids meal order (ha) And my usual salads, grilled chicken and veggies are out the window. Seriously, nothing sounds more disgusting! I have been able to stay active with the twins and somehow managing to keep my diet in line- even though its a struggle some days! 
I am so excited to share our big news with everyone, and to keep yall updated with the latest and greatest around here! It has been SO HARD to blog knowing I had to keep this secret, it has just consumed our life and to not mention it has been so difficult! 
We feel so incredibly blessed and cannot wait for what is in store.
All of our love from the future fam of F I V E

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