Sunday, May 6, 2018


My DIY Moving Announcements are ready for the postman!
 I have a framed card (somewhere) that says I keep the postman hustlin'
Probably one of my favorite quotes!

Creating cute mailers, documents and invites is so easy online! 
I discovered CANVA awhile back, and it is just too good not to share. This online design resource is a super user-friendly way to create printables for free. I have used the website to create content for my blog (like the recipe I have shared on THIS BLOG POST) to update my resume, and also to create these adorable moving announcements! 
All you need to do is sign up as a member, and you can search lots of design templates, or create your own from scratch. I was able to create our moving announcements in minutes with this website- and then just ordered them from vista-print! 
Here is a working screenshot from the website:
You can easily change the text size, color and font as well as drop in images or borders!
I have created this version without our address for you to see what it looks like working

After you're design is complete, all you do is click the download button and it saves to your desktop as a PDF or JPEG! 

Thankfully I was able to get all the envelopes addressed this past week, before the flood came! 
(ps our apartment flooded over the weekend when an upstairs neighbor drilled into the water line)
Tyler and I are meeting with the management team at the apartment tomorrow to see what the game-plan is for the future! We are currently camped out at a hotel nearby, the dogs and all :) We were home when the flood happened, so we were able to move most of our furniture out of the way, and get buckets (lol trashcans) to catch the water that was pouring. Most all of the waterfall happened in the main living area like the entry, kitchen, dining and living room- not our bedrooms! (blessed, not the closet
They have already sent in crews to start working on the apartment, but we are currently not able to live there. We stopped by this morning to check on everything- they are currently working on drying out everything and have pulled the baseboards and started venting into the ceiling. Keep ya posted on what is to come!

Now go check out Canva and get to creating cute things, friends! 

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