Saturday, June 30, 2018


On Friday, I hit twenty weeks and I cannot believe I have officially made it to the halfway mark! We had a big appointment this week with my doctor and I am so happy to report everything looks great. They confirmed *she* is on the way and is growing just perfectly! It is so amazing to me how they can see so much so early on, they were able to check her lungs, her little feet and we even saw her tiny nose. Every time the sound of her little heartbeat fills the room I start crying, I just don't think I will ever get over it! 

Today, my app I use to follow along with my pregnancy said she was as tall as a Venti coffee! She is now over 12oz and her heartbeat is at 144. We are so excited to meet her, and so thankful the appointment went well this week. 
I am really starting and am starting to show!! Also, this past week was the first time I felt her kick/move. It was so, so exciting! Since she has started moving around she really hasn't calmed down. Tyler felt her for the first time today. At five months I am thankfully feeling much better than I did in the beginning. I was seriously sick non-stop!!! I will take terrible shooting pains and a back ache over throwing up constantly any day...can I get an amen?! Now I am feeling good and have lots of energy and am so thankful because there is seriously so much to be done before she arrives.
I made homemade popsicles because its been SCORCHING in Dallas

Speaking of the prep work, and things to be done... I am so excited because we have started getting the nursery put together. My mom came to Dallas to help me re-finish an antique piece that is going in her nursery and the crib has arrived! I have also been busy finding art, framing art, and searching for all the perfect things for her room.
I have also been VERY occupied with her wardrobe (surprising, right?) I am so excited because I am making her tons of little outfits. I am sure you have seen on my insta-stories but I went and spent the day picking out patterns, and have now purchased all the fabric to make her little dresses and clothes! I was an apparel studies major in college, and I grew up sewing every now-and-then. Back in college we had to draft our own patterns, and use the commercial sewing machines (like you see in sweat shops people) so hopefully I haven't lost all of my skills! I also plan on monogramming just about everything she owns...
Here is some of the cute fabric and patterns I have gotten for her... Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we just outfit plan! 

Which leads me to her name- that we still have not decided! 
I tell everyone it took us months to name our dogs, so I didn't assume this would come quick! Hopefully we will have something chosen before too long :)

Here are a few things I am sure I will never forget, but some are actually laughable and should be recorded 
I have personally eaten more watermelon(s) than anyone thought was possible
I am also addicted to peaches, they are seriously so juicy and delicious right now
I joked with Tyler that this baby is actually just 1/2 peanut butter because I eat a pb&j at least three five times a week 
The addiction to Braums has also been at an all-time high
I love, love, love eating cereal late at night
My only craving that has been around since day one has been Chicfila.. I seriously have personally boosted their sales! All I think about is the kids chicken nugget meal ;) 
Before I was pregnant I was addicted to La Croix and now it is TERRIBLE to me
My love for popcorn; however, has not wavered!  
L I F E 
I ordered a pregnancy pillow and its MASSIVE. Tyler has affectionately named it George, and it literally takes up our entire bed
I spent an entire lifetime(okay a week and a half) and had to enlist my mom and my Nanny and everyone we know to find a wooden high-chair... Did yall know they don't make those anymore?!
Each night I apply my "potion" I seriously have ordered, and bought so many serums, oils and lotions for my pregnancy bump! I hope they work :)
I have been busy in the kitchen, and am really loving my time cooking and also reading. I have been to the library over and over here!
I have been informed my walk has changed, and I believe it. I move so S L O W these days 
I planned on not purchasing one piece of "maternity" clothing... I just was planning on avoiding that at all cost. Angie shut that down really quick. She did take me shopping and we had the best time! I will say the maternity clothes I made out with do make a difference! We will see if I go back for more :)
Also, I was planning on actively avoiding what is to come in a few months. Our doctor advised otherwise and asked us to sign up for a childbirth class together... omg we will see how that goes! 
Tyler and I were talking last night and I keep saying it doesn't feel real. I have waited my whole life for this, and we are so excited to meet baby girl.

Let me know if you have any tips, tricks or things I should know! I am trying to get as much accomplished as possible before the third trimester starts. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2018


This past week Tyler and I celebrated four years of marriage
Neither of us can figure out how time has gone by so quick. The days have literally flown by since we said "I do" back in 2014. We seriously have packed so much into these first four years...

When we got engaged, I had just moved to Little Rock from Fayetteville. I always laugh, because it felt like I was there forever but it was only three months! We had a short engagement, I knew exactly what I wanted and was so ready to just be married- so from November to June we made it happen! When we got married in June of 2014 we were both living and working in Little Rock, AR - since then we bought and sold our first home, traveled the world and took on a new life here in Dallas. 

I am so thankful for where we are today, and we cannot wait for what is to come. Things have been really stressful lately (not even going to lie) Since moving to Dallas we have had so many obstacles but we both know everything will work out (it's not in our hands anyway!) Through the tough times and through all the happy moments I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. Also, praises I married someone who makes me laugh- he makes hard times easier with that smile. Finding someone who makes you happy and laugh is some of my favorite married advice! 

I am obviously nostalgic (and v pregnant) so I thought I would highlight some of our favorite memories over the years! I didn't start blogging until last fall, so there is lots of ground to cover! But I will keep it short and sweet!

June 21, 2014//the day he changed my last name
Following our wedding we took an amazing Honeymoon to Playa Mujeres - and never wanted to leave!
PS: THIS is the all inclusive resort we stayed at, and I would 10/10 recommend 
In August, we rented our first little home together in the Heights. Some of my favorite memories come from that tiny house! We had our first "married" Christmas there, and had a blast hosting friends and family. 
In 2015 we traveled to the beach, to ski in Colorado, and bought our first home together in Little Rock!
 I also surprised him with tickets to the LSU game in Baton Rouge for a fun long weekend
 We ended 2015 on a boat cruising the Caribbean with his fam! Not too bad :)
In 2016 we traveled all over the US!
In February we took our first trip to New York together, and Tyler fell in love with one of my favorite cities! We had the best time on this trip. We celebrated Tyler's birthday and stayed at the Roosevelt, went to a Knicks game, and ate our way through NYC!
 We spent our second anniversary in California! Such a fun trip to Santa Monica & LA
 We also visited San Antonio, we laugh about this trip all the time! It was literally so scorching hot we just kicked it at our hotel until the sun set and we could bear the heat!! 
We rounded out fall of 2016 with ballgames, trips to see our families and fun in Fayetteville! One of my favorite memories is hosting our first Thanksgiving! I blogged about how much it meant to me HERE
In 2017 we took our favorite trip ever// We celebrated three years of marriage by traveling Europe together. It was such an amazing experience and we are so glad we took this trip! We found out weeks before that we were going to need an impromptu bathroom reno and work had been crazy for both of us! 
So this was just what the doctor ordered!
 Found our new home in Germany! Bavaria is our favorite place
 French Open Semi-Finals in Paris//ps. I live for the food in Paris! I could go back tomorrow just to eat :)
Hanging out in London together.
I did a short recap of our trip to Europe when my blog launched! We traveled to Germany, Austria, Amsterdam, Paris and London- the post is HERE

Fall 2017 also held tons of ballgames, weddings and trips to Fayetteville or to see friends and family.
I LAUNCHED my blog in October and we lost our sweet LUCY in November
It was a wild and crazy ride, but 2017 was one of my favorite years!

So far this year we have traveled to Italy and came home with the best news, Baby B will be joining us this fall! Our trip to ITALY was dreamy, and such a fun last getaway before starting our family. 
 Our sweet TWINS  have made the move to Dallas even more fun! Beaux and Milly are the sweetest and we love them so much. 
And our greatest adventure has begun. We are so excited to meet our sweet girl this November! 
(yes...still working on her name)

Words can't express how grateful I am to have Tyler, and how lucky I know we both are!
Each year keeps getting better, and I know the best is yet to come.


Thursday, June 14, 2018


Sharing some of my favorite and most requested recipes from my kitchen this past week! 
Since we moved to Dallas I have really had the time and opportunity to do one of my favorite things- cook for hubby! I have always loved cooking, but honestly I didn't have the time and energy to put together meals like I do every night here. In Little Rock I did a whole lot of "meal prep" every Sunday! This included lunches for the week and some dinner prep for week nights. I would always cook 3-4 meals a week back in Arkansas, but here is an entirely different story! I am able to cook whenever I want- so we have lots of yummy homemade meals.

Obviously my life has changed drastically! I am currently home with the pups everyday and getting ready for baby girl, but it has given me the chance to really take my time making dinner and coming up with the weekly menu!
me in my happy place- Pjs + barefoot and check out all the pics of Baby B in the background! 

I love the art of cooking, but I am a terrible recipe follower. I cannot bake to save my life (see the miracle that was a funfetti cake HERE) I just love to put things together based on how I think they will taste, blend or even look! My mom is a wonderful baker and follows recipes to an exact science. She laughs at me when I whip something up or put something together then try to write it down because its always like "a shake of this" or "until it looks spicy" it is a disaster!

But I have had so many requests (via my insta stories) every night to post recipes I am going to start a series on the blog with all things cooking!! This is something I am so excited about, and hope yall love as much as I do! During the holiday season I shared my moms famous PINE CONE CHEESEBALL- and remembered thinking to myself, I wish I had the time to post things like this more!
make sure you are following me on instagram for my insta stories updates! Here are fun previews for recipes below! You can follow by clicking my profile HERE 

You will have to bear with me in the beginning, for now I am going to be doing my best to remember exactly what it is I have done- so I can write it up for yall! I have chosen the two recipes this week with the most requests to feature on the first "The Kitchen Diaries" series!

Growing up, mom cooked for us and we spent lots of time in the kitchen together... that is where I my love for cooking began! We made speciality items and things like homemade pasta together and I always loved helping out with dinner. We ate very healthy growing up- like I was the only kid at school who had the entire food pyramid in their lunchbox, but she taught me young nutritional value and how to eat clean! (thankful) Since I have been in my own kitchen, I have learned to keep in mind these good habits- but I do have a few bad recipes up my sleeve! ha One of my favorites is below.

The first recipe is for Chicken Yums! My best friend and I made these in college, and over the years I have modified it and it is one of our favorites! This simple recipe isn't my healthiest, but it is easy and highly recommended.

My second share for this week is my Summer Squash Bake! I love cooking with fresh fruits and veggies, and I buy according to season. Squash and Zucchini are a dime a dozen during the Summer- and so easy to cook with! I made this as a side dish earlier this week with parmesan and fried sage roasted potatoes and just served with a rotisserie chicken! Such a quick and easy dinner.

Can't wait to keep yall posted on what is cooking in my kitchen!
PS- Tyler suggested I named the cooking series "Whippin it up with Whit" reason 104922 I love him


Sunday, June 3, 2018


The best surprise of my life! 
Since day one, I have told Tyler I thought the baby was a boy; well this little one was out to prove me wrong! 

We are so excited because this November we will be having our very own little Princess 

I feel like I have waited my entire life for this, and we are over the moon excited to meet our little girl. Of course, it did not matter to either of us one bit if it was a boy or girl! We have just been praying for a healthy baby, but this comes as the best news to us both! 

When we went in for our appointment, I was totally ready for the nurse to tell us we were having a boy (of course we couldn't wait a second longer!! we found out at the office) And when she said go buy all the pink in Dallas, I literally shrieked so loud I think the building shook!! I was seriously so surprised, and excited! 

ps bump came out of   NO W H E R E for these pictures! 
Baby girl knew she was being photographed and wanted to show off I suppose lol #dramatic
Tyler cannot wait to have a little girl, and I can't wait to see him with her. Everything feels even more surreal now that we know the gender...I seriously do not know how people wait until the baby is born to find out. It's been on the top of my question list since day one. 
As of now, we have not decided on a name... it took us months to name the dogs, so I imagine this will take some time as well! We have several that we like, but we are not set! I hope we figure it out before too long, everyone knows I have lots of monograming to do :) 
I cannot wait to keep yall updated with the nursery, names and hopefully everyone can help me with my one million questions! strollers? carseats? a bassinet or not?! what do I really need?
So fast forward to now, I have literally been planning the nursery and scouting out the cutest little things for her! I am dying to get everything together and planned for her arrival. My family was in Dallas this weekend, and mom and I got to do a little shopping yesterday! Everything is so tiny and pink and cute! 
As for now I will be dreaming in P I N K