Saturday, June 30, 2018


On Friday, I hit twenty weeks and I cannot believe I have officially made it to the halfway mark! We had a big appointment this week with my doctor and I am so happy to report everything looks great. They confirmed *she* is on the way and is growing just perfectly! It is so amazing to me how they can see so much so early on, they were able to check her lungs, her little feet and we even saw her tiny nose. Every time the sound of her little heartbeat fills the room I start crying, I just don't think I will ever get over it! 

Today, my app I use to follow along with my pregnancy said she was as tall as a Venti coffee! She is now over 12oz and her heartbeat is at 144. We are so excited to meet her, and so thankful the appointment went well this week. 
I am really starting and am starting to show!! Also, this past week was the first time I felt her kick/move. It was so, so exciting! Since she has started moving around she really hasn't calmed down. Tyler felt her for the first time today. At five months I am thankfully feeling much better than I did in the beginning. I was seriously sick non-stop!!! I will take terrible shooting pains and a back ache over throwing up constantly any day...can I get an amen?! Now I am feeling good and have lots of energy and am so thankful because there is seriously so much to be done before she arrives.
I made homemade popsicles because its been SCORCHING in Dallas

Speaking of the prep work, and things to be done... I am so excited because we have started getting the nursery put together. My mom came to Dallas to help me re-finish an antique piece that is going in her nursery and the crib has arrived! I have also been busy finding art, framing art, and searching for all the perfect things for her room.
I have also been VERY occupied with her wardrobe (surprising, right?) I am so excited because I am making her tons of little outfits. I am sure you have seen on my insta-stories but I went and spent the day picking out patterns, and have now purchased all the fabric to make her little dresses and clothes! I was an apparel studies major in college, and I grew up sewing every now-and-then. Back in college we had to draft our own patterns, and use the commercial sewing machines (like you see in sweat shops people) so hopefully I haven't lost all of my skills! I also plan on monogramming just about everything she owns...
Here is some of the cute fabric and patterns I have gotten for her... Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we just outfit plan! 

Which leads me to her name- that we still have not decided! 
I tell everyone it took us months to name our dogs, so I didn't assume this would come quick! Hopefully we will have something chosen before too long :)

Here are a few things I am sure I will never forget, but some are actually laughable and should be recorded 
I have personally eaten more watermelon(s) than anyone thought was possible
I am also addicted to peaches, they are seriously so juicy and delicious right now
I joked with Tyler that this baby is actually just 1/2 peanut butter because I eat a pb&j at least three five times a week 
The addiction to Braums has also been at an all-time high
I love, love, love eating cereal late at night
My only craving that has been around since day one has been Chicfila.. I seriously have personally boosted their sales! All I think about is the kids chicken nugget meal ;) 
Before I was pregnant I was addicted to La Croix and now it is TERRIBLE to me
My love for popcorn; however, has not wavered!  
L I F E 
I ordered a pregnancy pillow and its MASSIVE. Tyler has affectionately named it George, and it literally takes up our entire bed
I spent an entire lifetime(okay a week and a half) and had to enlist my mom and my Nanny and everyone we know to find a wooden high-chair... Did yall know they don't make those anymore?!
Each night I apply my "potion" I seriously have ordered, and bought so many serums, oils and lotions for my pregnancy bump! I hope they work :)
I have been busy in the kitchen, and am really loving my time cooking and also reading. I have been to the library over and over here!
I have been informed my walk has changed, and I believe it. I move so S L O W these days 
I planned on not purchasing one piece of "maternity" clothing... I just was planning on avoiding that at all cost. Angie shut that down really quick. She did take me shopping and we had the best time! I will say the maternity clothes I made out with do make a difference! We will see if I go back for more :)
Also, I was planning on actively avoiding what is to come in a few months. Our doctor advised otherwise and asked us to sign up for a childbirth class together... omg we will see how that goes! 
Tyler and I were talking last night and I keep saying it doesn't feel real. I have waited my whole life for this, and we are so excited to meet baby girl.

Let me know if you have any tips, tricks or things I should know! I am trying to get as much accomplished as possible before the third trimester starts. 


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