Sunday, June 3, 2018


The best surprise of my life! 
Since day one, I have told Tyler I thought the baby was a boy; well this little one was out to prove me wrong! 

We are so excited because this November we will be having our very own little Princess 

I feel like I have waited my entire life for this, and we are over the moon excited to meet our little girl. Of course, it did not matter to either of us one bit if it was a boy or girl! We have just been praying for a healthy baby, but this comes as the best news to us both! 

When we went in for our appointment, I was totally ready for the nurse to tell us we were having a boy (of course we couldn't wait a second longer!! we found out at the office) And when she said go buy all the pink in Dallas, I literally shrieked so loud I think the building shook!! I was seriously so surprised, and excited! 

ps bump came out of   NO W H E R E for these pictures! 
Baby girl knew she was being photographed and wanted to show off I suppose lol #dramatic
Tyler cannot wait to have a little girl, and I can't wait to see him with her. Everything feels even more surreal now that we know the gender...I seriously do not know how people wait until the baby is born to find out. It's been on the top of my question list since day one. 
As of now, we have not decided on a name... it took us months to name the dogs, so I imagine this will take some time as well! We have several that we like, but we are not set! I hope we figure it out before too long, everyone knows I have lots of monograming to do :) 
I cannot wait to keep yall updated with the nursery, names and hopefully everyone can help me with my one million questions! strollers? carseats? a bassinet or not?! what do I really need?
So fast forward to now, I have literally been planning the nursery and scouting out the cutest little things for her! I am dying to get everything together and planned for her arrival. My family was in Dallas this weekend, and mom and I got to do a little shopping yesterday! Everything is so tiny and pink and cute! 
As for now I will be dreaming in P I N K



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