Thursday, June 14, 2018


Sharing some of my favorite and most requested recipes from my kitchen this past week! 
Since we moved to Dallas I have really had the time and opportunity to do one of my favorite things- cook for hubby! I have always loved cooking, but honestly I didn't have the time and energy to put together meals like I do every night here. In Little Rock I did a whole lot of "meal prep" every Sunday! This included lunches for the week and some dinner prep for week nights. I would always cook 3-4 meals a week back in Arkansas, but here is an entirely different story! I am able to cook whenever I want- so we have lots of yummy homemade meals.

Obviously my life has changed drastically! I am currently home with the pups everyday and getting ready for baby girl, but it has given me the chance to really take my time making dinner and coming up with the weekly menu!
me in my happy place- Pjs + barefoot and check out all the pics of Baby B in the background! 

I love the art of cooking, but I am a terrible recipe follower. I cannot bake to save my life (see the miracle that was a funfetti cake HERE) I just love to put things together based on how I think they will taste, blend or even look! My mom is a wonderful baker and follows recipes to an exact science. She laughs at me when I whip something up or put something together then try to write it down because its always like "a shake of this" or "until it looks spicy" it is a disaster!

But I have had so many requests (via my insta stories) every night to post recipes I am going to start a series on the blog with all things cooking!! This is something I am so excited about, and hope yall love as much as I do! During the holiday season I shared my moms famous PINE CONE CHEESEBALL- and remembered thinking to myself, I wish I had the time to post things like this more!
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You will have to bear with me in the beginning, for now I am going to be doing my best to remember exactly what it is I have done- so I can write it up for yall! I have chosen the two recipes this week with the most requests to feature on the first "The Kitchen Diaries" series!

Growing up, mom cooked for us and we spent lots of time in the kitchen together... that is where I my love for cooking began! We made speciality items and things like homemade pasta together and I always loved helping out with dinner. We ate very healthy growing up- like I was the only kid at school who had the entire food pyramid in their lunchbox, but she taught me young nutritional value and how to eat clean! (thankful) Since I have been in my own kitchen, I have learned to keep in mind these good habits- but I do have a few bad recipes up my sleeve! ha One of my favorites is below.

The first recipe is for Chicken Yums! My best friend and I made these in college, and over the years I have modified it and it is one of our favorites! This simple recipe isn't my healthiest, but it is easy and highly recommended.

My second share for this week is my Summer Squash Bake! I love cooking with fresh fruits and veggies, and I buy according to season. Squash and Zucchini are a dime a dozen during the Summer- and so easy to cook with! I made this as a side dish earlier this week with parmesan and fried sage roasted potatoes and just served with a rotisserie chicken! Such a quick and easy dinner.

Can't wait to keep yall posted on what is cooking in my kitchen!
PS- Tyler suggested I named the cooking series "Whippin it up with Whit" reason 104922 I love him


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