Sunday, July 29, 2018


On Friday, Tyler and I went in for the twenty four week checkup to see how our girl was doing! It was a quick appointment, we got to hear her little heart beat and so far everything is perfect! Her heartbeat is now at 134BPM and she is really active these days! I felt her kick for the first time about a month ago, and since then she has really stepped her dance moves up! She seems to be really calm, like her mom :)
I am really loving this time! We are having so much fun loving on the bump these days, and we cannot wait to meet our sweet girl this November!
 I have been living in dresses all summer long, it has been so hot here in Dallas!! This little Lauren James dress is from last season, but she has the cutest casual dresses. They are so lightweight and perfect for this +100 degree heat! You can shop HERE 

Now for the  E X C I T I N G  news
After months and months of deliberating we finally have a name for Baby B...

Ella Jane Barnett

We cannot wait to welcome you into this world in a few short months! We have gone back and forth a million times between a few names and this was just our favorite! We plan on calling her by her full name, Ella Jane. 
Both Ella and Jane have sentimental value and come from family names on both of our sides of the family.
This tiny onesie with lemons and grapefruits on it was the first thing I got to monogram this weekend- which is perfect because last week she was the size of a grapefruit!! Also, since I have downloaded The Bump app it's an app that lets you know the size of your baby and new developments every week I have had Tyler guess every Friday how big she is... Literally since week 12 he has been saying grapefruit. We laugh every week!! Now he actually has to come up with new fruits to guess.
Love you so much already, little girl! 

Now, let all the monograming begin...

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