Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I just got home from a fun trip to Little Rock visiting my family and old friends! I have not been back to Little Rock since Tyler and I moved to Dallas earlier this Spring, so it was great to get back and see some of my people. 

My mom called me last week and told me they would be visiting and asked if I wanted to come join them, of course I did! I told her I had lots of places to eat and people to see while I was there. It was so fun getting to see my family and friends and I started a "Little Rock Food Tour" highlighting all of my favorite old places. I had to leave town suddenly to get back to Dallas, but I was thankful I packed in as much as I did from Saturday- Tuesday! Also, this was my first time to be away from our sweet cavapups- like ever! I was constantly texting Tyler for picture and video updates. He did a great job taking care of them, but he claims they were taking advantage of him! barking for treats and tricking him into extra walks... I laughed so hard!! They were so excited to see me when I walked in last night, and I swore they grew while I was gone for three nights!

My parents and brother were visiting for the Free Will Baptist National convention, and while they were in town I got to catch up with them and lots of old friends. There is something funny about being pregnant and craving things you can't have, I assume this is just a totally normal thing! But I knew I had to get back to LR before too long- I had my favorite salads, the best Mexican food ever, and even CFA Chicken Minis FOR DINNER!!!! If you have been following along, you know that CFA is my go-to and I was crushed when I found out Little Rock was one of the THREE locations selected nationally to serve chicken minis ALL DAY! I was like, what are the odds that I get pregnant and move away just in time for this?! Anyway, it was actually one of our first stops once we were in town!

If you are ever in Little Rock, or are still following along from the 501 here are places I just can't seem to live without! While I was in town we went to US Pizza, Zazas, Slims, Marks Do-nuts in NLR, Doe's Steakhouse, La Hacienda, and The Meteor coffee shop! My parents are on track to hit Sammantha's, The Capital for pimento cheese, Heights taco and tamale and Bruno's Little Italy downtown! I love going to local places, and I think these are some of the best around :) 

Although I wasn't in town long, I really appreciated my time and had the best time catching up with friends. Here are a few pictures from my trip!
A few of my favorite Book Club girls met me at The Meteor for coffee! It was so fun to see my friends now that I am bumpin with baby B!!
Quick pic with Mom and Zane as we were headed out the door for church services on Sunday! 
PS I am always so thirsty now... hello almost month six of pregnancy!! 
Zane ate his weight in steak, and we had the best time at Doe's!
Parking lot pic with some of my favorite friends! La Hacienda was so much fun!
I am sure if you follow me on insta you saw the "Little Rock Food Tour" so. much. fun.
Now I am home to Tyler and the sweet cavapups!

On Friday we go in for the 24 week appointment to check in on Baby B, cannot believe how fast time is flying! Beyond getting ready for baby, Tyler and I have so much going on right now - It is my daily prayer to remember to be thankful and grateful for each and every day. I hope you will join me in remembering how much we have to be thankful for! 


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