Thursday, August 9, 2018


So excited because sweet little things for little Ella Jane are coming together! 
Since we found out we were having a little girl, I have just adored the idea of her wearing handmade clothes. It seems so special and like a wonderful keepsake for years down the road. I decided I was going to make her a few little things, and as it turns out I have turned this into a massive project :) I first mentioned making her little dresses on this blog post... Now we are talking I have over a dozen dresses lined up to make, and the to-do list keeps growing!

As I have mentioned before, I graduated from the University of Arkansas with an Apparel Studies degree- meaning I have spent my fair share of time with patterns, material and behind a sewing machine. But to be totally honest, my career and life path did not require my sewing skills :) That being said, I haven't sewn in years, and its been even longer since I have read a pattern and put things together! Thankfully, I was able to pick up almost where I left off, and since I have been working countless hours to make some cuties for Ella Jane to wear.  

Besides wanting her to have a custom wardrobe, I also insist her name is on... well everything! I know that no one is surprised, but my monogramming machine has been working double over time. I have created so many new things, and taken advantage of my time at home. I am so grateful for this time, and wanted to show y'all what I have been up to! Some outfits are not complete, but I actually love seeing the progress pictures down the road (so why not document it)

This week I designed my first little dress for her - something I am thrilled about!
I drafted my first pattern for her, began to cut and have started making it. It is going to be her little Thanksgiving dress (if she makes it in time) I am due on the 16th, the Friday before Thanksgiving so I figured I would rather be safe than sorry! 

Here are a few of the things I have been working on...
I spent days on end visiting different stores to gather fabric for all her little outfits! Here is the original lineup
I have been monograming onesies, as well as making custom monogramed bows for her! 
This little dress I started last week - its so sweet! 
 Love the little criss-cross back, all we need are some ruffle bloomers! 
 Custom dress and matching bow for Miss Ella Jane 
This is the first little dress I made for her!
I decided to only monogram the bow in case we have another little girl down the road - I want her to get to wear this one as well. 
I actually didn't cut and follow the pattern correctly, so I decided to wing it and just did my own thing! 
 Love this little dress so much! 
The cavapups have been eager to help! 
I am obsessed with this little skirt and suspenders set! This was my first thing to make without using a pattern - cannot wait to see her in this! 
This little number is going to be monogramed in Razorback R E D! No one tell my hubby...
Working to finish it with the gold buttons, and then I will monogram and make a bow! 
Last but not least, this is my first pattern and custom dress I started for Ella Jane! 
 Here it is as a work in progress. Hoping to have our sweet baby girl here in time to rock this for Turkey Day! 
I have been waiting to post until things are complete, but decided life is too short and I should just go for it! I will do a part two down the road and update y'all with new things I have completed and projects that are finished. I also cannot wait to show off her nursery. I spend so much time in here - it is where I do all of the sewing!

Also, from the bottom of my heart- I wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you who took the time to read, comment, and reply on my last blog post. We have been dealing with so much around here lately, and knowing everyone is supporting us with love and prayer means the world to both me and Tyler. I will continue to update with information as we have it! 

Can't wait to show you more


  1. I LOVE all of these handmade outfits and I think that it is so special that this sweet baby girl has a momma who loves her enough to make such adorable and unique outfits for her.

    1. Thank you!!! I cannot wait to see her in them :)