Saturday, August 18, 2018


This week means hello third trimester! 
I am just over twenty seven weeks pregnant this week and baby-bumpin is getting V E R Y serious around here 

I seriously laugh out loud because its like I have a basketball I am carrying around these days. No one really warned me of the sudden change in in-mobility (who knew bending over to get something would become so difficult) ... or maybe everyone did & I just was not listening! 

Along with my basketball baby bump, we are getting ready for some exciting things over the next few weeks before Miss Ella Jane arrives. We are currently set to meet our sweet girl in just thirteen weeks. I don't know where the time has gone, but I am certain the next thirteen weeks will just fly by!  
Everyone meet me and baby Ella Jane! She is really getting lots of attention these days! 
I have been so fortunate that I was only really sick the first half of my pregnancy! Now I am feeling so much better, just adjusting to life with the bump. I am working out and trying to stay as healthy as possible before November. I did have to drop all of my weights during workout.. I voted the medicine ball I am permanently carrying is now my weight in the gym! ha I have also started pre-natal yoga in efforts to help the pain in my back and hips :) For all my mom friends- did you have sciatic nerve pain?! I am literally taking epsom salt baths every night and sleeping with that giant pregnancy pillow!
This was one of my favorite dresses I ever wore to market (in my old life) I was telling mom I wore it the market after Tyler and I got married and I have held on to it all these years! Nothing like a very favorite dress that is an oldie but a goodie :)
Tyler and I have so much that we planned to do before Ella Jane arrived, but at this point we are taking things mostly a day at a time! We planned on taking a trip together before her arrival, but now things have changed and that is okay. Tyler is scheduled for surgery next week, so we are concentrating on that and getting him prepped and ready for hopefully a speedy recovery! Once he has finished recovering we are so excited because we have sweet family and friends throwing us baby showers back in Arkansas!

We spent time together a few weeks ago registering for all the *things* for Ella Jane... You guys this is such a hard task!! I was seriously using my friends, google and everyone I have ever met with a baby as a life line for advice. There are so many opinions on what the best thing is to have, and the most used and needed. Hopefully we have registered for all the right things but I would love to know if you have a "must have" item for new parents + baby!

LOL heads up to all my friends without a baby yet who are married...Baby registry is a little different that wedding registry! I felt like I was totally in my element with the wedding registry, I love things for the home, to cook and to host; so selecting items for the wedding registry was seriously my favorite! Tyler and I laughed so much with the baby registry because there was so much we just didn't know! Like of course we know she needs bottles and diapers- but which brand is best?! We also did a registry on amazon this time, along with other places, totally different than our wedding registry days- but how convenient!! 
A few fun facts about pregnancy at 27 weeks-
I still am addicted to the Chic-fil-a kids meals- I finally downloaded the app so I am getting rewards!
Tyler has been so sweet talking to her, apparently she is listening to every word we say (already)
I don't think I would make it without epsom salt baths (lol I wasn't kidding earlier)
I am still cooking all the time and I think the nesting stage has started to set in...
I love eating fresh fruit, cereal and brown sugar pop-tarts!
Her nursery is a work in progress, that is the thing I am so excited to finish
Her little hand-made outfits are coming along, can't wait to see how she will look in them
At night Tyler and I talk about who she will look like and what she will be like, its all so surreal these days!

My outfit details are linked below:
Dress (old but this is the brand) // Sunnies // Patent Pumps // Handbag


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