Thursday, August 23, 2018


What is better than having an outfit ready to go with no effort, time or thought?! Nothing in my book! 
I have recently fallen in love with maxi dresses. For some reason I think we all have a notion that they are for a certain body type... aka not mine! But its not true at all. There are so many great maxi options out there for everyone!
I love maxi dresses on all my petite friends, I have always felt like they were better on shorter people - turns out I was just being dramatic. Since finding this off the shoulder black maxi dress I have literally wanted to live in it... and actually have.

Tyler and I have been searching for a church here in Dallas, meaning almost each Sunday we were at a different church... Leading me to my really honest confession! This became my uniform :) I love this dress so much, I found myself putting it on for church every Sunday! It is just so easy to throw this on and be ready to go. Tyler probably hasn't even noticed and no one else knows us... so how about that. 
My black maxi is actually one of my *only* maternity items. I really didn't go crazy buying maternity clothes - mom took me to get some cute things and I have a friend from college who was sweet enough to mail me a box of her maternity things! Other than that I have just been wearing my normal clothes :) Although this dress is maternity, I will totally be wearing it after little Ella Jane is born. It is so flattering, cozy and easy to move around in I know its going to be in my closet for a long time... Here is the best part, we found it at Target and its under $30!
You can shop this exact dress by clicking HERE // THIS MAXI is a super cute non-maternity option
 This dress is a blank canvas - its so fun styled with hot pink tassel earrings or whatever I am feeling that day! 
 One of my favorite little bump pictures! Can't believe how big she is getting. Also, can we have a moment of silence for this H E A T! I am so thankful the last month of my pregnancy will hopefully not be in 100+ weather... I am dying! 
Yesterday we had an appointment to check on Ella Jane! Y'all it was a disaster... I was there for my glucose test and to go over all upcoming milestones in the pregnancy, we also discussed Tyler's surgery etc. Long story short I literally tried to stand up after having my blood drawn and going over everything and I went totally white. My doctor had to bolt across the room to catch me because I was passing out and lay me down - then I started crying - and it just went downhill from there. Like one unfortunate event after another. When I called mom to tell her about it she couldn't even breath we were laughing so hard. There was a medical scribe in the room and Tyler told me on the way home she was typing so fast he thought she was going to blow her little laptop up. All that aside, Baby B is looking great and very healthy. I am measuring right on track!

For everyone keeping up with Tyler's surgery, we are scheduled to go in tomorrow for his procedure! I will work on a special follow up blog post to update yall with the surgery, his progress and recovery. 


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