Thursday, August 2, 2018


When life gives you lemons, people say to make lemonade...
although I would suggest making some lemon bars or an icebox lemon pie instead :)

Today’s post isn’t like others on my blog, but it’s real and I’m all about that!
If you have been following along for the past six months you know we have had some B I G changes around here. Since this past March: Tyler took a job offer in Dallas (VIEW POST) we got our cavapups (VIEW POST) we sold our house and said goodbye to our friends and family in Little Rock (VIEW POST) and also found out we were going to be parents (VIEW POST) It’s been a total whirlwind life experience that’s been filled with very exciting times and something new around every corner! We got off to a rocky start when our apartment was flooded a week after moving in (VIEW POST) but have laughed about it over and over. We’ve literally had one thing after another, we have just shrugged and said that’s life!

 With all of our new beginnings here in Dallas we have been transitioning into our new roles and lives and we are loving it here. We have; however, taken on one of our biggest obstacles yet. We have really been leaning on our family and friends but most importantly our faith lately... so what’s going on?
I’m sure you are wondering at this point...

The Story...
This past April Tyler noticed a change in his hearing in his left ear. We thought he just had an ear infection so he went to our family practitioner in May and was treated for an ear infection. Nothing got better so we decided to follow up with an ENT here in Dallas! The ENT had Tyler take a series of tests including an audiology test and determined there was in fact something very wrong with his left ear/hearing. It was decided he most likely had a stroke in his inner ear and the doctor started by giving him oral steroids to treat it. When we returned back for our second visit, his hearing had not improved but diminished even more and so he went to phase two... basically he started a series of concentrated steroid injections into Tyler’s ear in hopes to clear the problem. This past month we went in for a third appointment and we were devastated when we found out his left ear hearing was confirmed almost inoperable. Something so sudden and shocking - the ENT decided it would be best for Tyler to have an MRI just to double check everything and make sure there wasn’t a greater issue. 

A few weeks ago Tyler went in for his MRI and we got a call back last week that he has an extremely rare condition. He was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma, which is a tumor that is on the nerves between your inner ear and brain. This was the cause of his sudden acute hearing loss and the reason nothing the doctors were trying was working. Thankfully acoustic neuromas are BENIGN meaning it’s not cancerous. We are so thankful for this!! That leads us to

 Where We Are Now... 
We have met with two different specialist teams here in Dallas so we could get multiple opinions and the decision is unanimous - Tyler’s tumor is so large the only option is to surgically remove it. The tumor is now over three centimeters and pressed between his inner ear and brain. In some cases it can just be monitored or treated with radiation, but his will require surgery. We feel confident we have found a wonderful team here who is going to take great care of us!! We go in next week to schedule the surgery and will go from there. The surgery itself is 6-8 hours and will be done by a neurosurgeon with the assistance of an ENT. In Tyler’s case his hearing has now suffered so great of a loss they will completely remove his ability to hear from his left ear, but in hopes of a cleaner surgery and keeping other things in tact (think facial nerves etc) and we agree it is the best option. Thankfully the neurosurgeon + team understand our need for expedited surgery, since we have a baby coming this fall, and are working with us to schedule something as soon as possible! After his operation Tyler will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then will have a 4-6 week recovery period. He is much younger than most patients who suffer from acoustic neuromas, so the doc is confident he will have a safe and healthy come back!

This has obviously been the only thing we can think about lately. We have honestly kept it to ourselves and immediate family because there was so much we just didn’t know. Literally 3 months ago we thought he had an ear infection and now we are talking complete hearing loss and brain surgery. It has been overwhelming some days, but we both know we serve a great God who is going to take care of our (growing) little family. We feel confident in His plan, after all that maybe one of the reasons Tyler got his job here... we picked up our lives and moved and now we are down the street from one of the best Acoustic Neuroma surgeons around. Also, it just so happens I’m not working now, so I am going to be able to take care of him while he is out of commission recovering...and I love taking care of him!

 So Back To The Lemons... 
It is so easy to dwell on all that is going on and forget how blessed we really are. It seems like our devotion each night the past month has been just what we needed to hear and it has really been a huge source of comfort. I constantly remind myself of how thankful I am we caught it when we did, that it’s not cancerous, that he is going to be treated- and more than anything that we have the most precious gift on the way and we are going to (hopefully) be able to handle all of this before she arrives in November!! We are so grateful for the continued prayer and phone calls by the few who knew about all of this, that’s all we can ask for!! I know this was such a long post and very personal at that but I just wanted to share with everyone in hopes that it can be a reminder to not take anything for granted and to be so thankful for what you have.

 We feel super blessed to have each other and to be on this journey together. There is no one in the world that completes me like Tyler!
our out-takes always look like this...

 So thankful for someone who always makes me smile
 Love you big, Beezy
pictures were taken while we were in ITALY  // For our favorite couples devotion SHOP HERE

Thanks for all the love and support


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  1. I love both of you. I will be praying. God is with both of you.