Wednesday, September 12, 2018


The countdown is officially on!
We are less than T E N weeks from Ella Jane's due date
this past Friday I hit thirty weeks and we are all getting so anxious to meet our girl
We are now visiting my doctor every other week for appointments and to check up on her. They have started measuring me the past few appointments, and she is growing right on track. The doctor says her heartbeat is strong and all looks well.

I have been able to stay super busy during this pregnancy...maybe more than one should lol but she doesn't seem to mind! She is super active and is constantly kicking and moving around. Our doctor told us to measure and make sure she is moving at least 10 times in two hours... we timed it that night when we got home and we had 10 movements in six minutes. She really is a handful!
She is officially out these days :) People are stopping me in the grocery store and while I am running errands asking when I am due and how I am doing! I thought this would happen a lot sooner in pregnancy, but honestly I wasn't showing for the longest time! Lots of people find this annoying, but I am just enjoying it. I can't believe how my belly has grown, you just never know how this is going to feel until you experience it yourself :)

I am so excited because over the next few weeks we get to celebrate sweet Ella Jane!
I have baby showers coming up in Arkansas and I am so looking forward to seeing some of my favorite people. With everything we have had going on, celebrating our little girl is just what the doctor ordered.
Before heading to her showers, I was able to get her Thank You cards ready to go! I am obsessed with the way that they turned out! Pretty in Pink of course.
I have been home nursing Tyler back to health since surgery- and he is doing wonderful! I have really only left home for doctors appointments, to pick us up food or to go to the grocery store...however, after a great appointment for Ella Jane on Monday I spent a little time out and about. I went shopping for a dress to wear to my baby shower in Fayetteville this weekend, and after hours of searching finally had success!
PS shopping while pregnant could be an olympic sport!! I was seriously exhausted when I got home.
Ella Jane: We already love you so much and cannot wait to meet you!
I am still just wanting Chic-Fil-A (lol)
I am staying active by taking care of your dad and the cavapups, you love hearing them!
Thanks to you, I had heartburn for the first time in my life- it was awful!
My entire stomach dances when you move these days
Your daddy is working hard everyday to get stronger and ready to meet you!
You have rudely moved under my ribs and make sitting impossible sometimes
I am addicted to eating crushed ice, it seems to be an epidemic (like how bad is this for my teeth?! I weigh the options every day... eating crushed ice always wins)
I developed a cough and sore throat after staying with Tyler in the hospital, and am finally turning the corner. Obviously, you can't take very many medicines while pregnant... so thanks to you I just endured taking Robitussin for the first time in a decade... so so gross 
So far I am not swelling and the doctor said my weight gain looks good- I told him all I know is I am getting rounder by the day lol
Tyler and I are planning on taking a childbirth class and touring the hospital in the next month. It is getting so real!

We pray for you every day and can't wait to see your face


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