Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Tonight I am sitting in Ella Jane's nursery, and I am totally overwhelmed by what an amazing weekend I had back in Arkansas. This post is dedicated to my visit to Little Rock and Fort Smith to celebrate our best girl!

On Saturday my mom and I woke up early and hit the road. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law hosted the cutest do-nut themed shower...Complete with my very favorite do-nuts! (Mentioned on my LR food guide HERE) It was so fun to get back to Little Rock and see some of my favorite people, most of which I have only seen briefly since we moved to Dallas. This shower was also special, because lots of Tyler's family friends were able to join.
Sweet shower//with custom pink donuts for Ella Jane! 
 My fabulous hosts! 
How cute are these party favors?! I was obsessed! 
Some of my favorites girls came to celebrate Miss Ella Jane! I have missed seeing these girls so much- we all used to work together at Dillard's
My very first work friend! Anna was at my wedding in Fort Smith and was able to come party with me at my baby shower- we have come full circle! 
So thankful for my momma who has helped coordinate and tote me all around for my showers! We have had the best time together over the past few weeks. 
Her little invites were adorable! I love all the pink and gold//I know Ella Jane does too :)
So grateful for all my friends and family who were able to come to this shower! It was so special being back in the place Tyler and I started our married life together. 

Sunday's Back Home
On Sunday my brother, sister and I were all home for church together in Fort Smith. It was so fun all being together and getting to spend time with each other. My grandma was able to also come into town so we had a full house! My shower in Fort Smith was held after church on Sunday afternoon, and it was perfect. I was able to spend time with so many people who have been in my life for such a long time, and have watched me grow, get married and now have a baby!

Ella Jane I love seeing your initials... Especially in big gold balloons :) 
Some of my family was able to come in for this shower! It was so great to be with everyone and celebrate our girl. 
 The ladies at church who put this shower on for me did such a fabulous job! I am so blessed to be from such a giving church home. I cannot imagine life without this church and the people who came out and celebrated with us this weekend.
Sweet friends who traveled from across the state to come celebrate with us!
Shoutout to my best friend who was there to take all the notes for me! She survived my wedding shower, and now my baby shower... Just with hand cramps :) 
Both dresses are from Dillard's and are Chelsea & Violet. I had the link for both of them, but they are both now sold out... I bet you can still find them in stores :)

Yesterday, Tyler and I spent the day unpacking and looking at all the sweet treats for Ella Jane. We were both blown away with how kind and thoughtful everyone was. Tyler wasn't able to join me this weekend, so he sat in the nursery yesterday and we re-lived the showers! He individually opened each gift and we talked about who it was from and how we can't wait to use it!

We are so thrilled to meet our baby girl.
Thanks to everyone who was able to join us this weekend!


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