Sunday, October 14, 2018


H E L L O thirty five weeks! We are just one month away from Ella Jane's arrival and Tyler and I are getting so ready to meet our girl! Bring on all of the to-do lists, planning and final nursery prepping!
Five weeks ago, I took pictures in the same dress and in the same spot and I actually cannot believe how much has changed since then//see that post here. Ella Jane is really growing and we are now seeing the doctor weekly. This past visit they told us she is growing right on track and they anticipate she will be a 7 - 7.5 pound baby! We will know more with each visit and as we get closer, and we are getting so anxious.
To be totally honest with everything we have had going on, until the past few weeks we have not even been able to stop and come to the realization that she is about to be here! Tyler has been recovering and had his first full week back at work last week (we are so grateful!) So as things are getting back to normal we are realizing we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time :) True to my type-A personality I have made a list, another list, a spreadsheet and emailed it to hubs with our list of things to do! :) 

Our doctor recommended we take a childbirth class at the hospital where I will deliver, and we were actually wait-listed to get in (dramatic if you ask me) Anyway, we took the class last weekend and it was more information than I ever wanted to know... but we did get to tour the hospital and see the rooms, layout and know exactly where to go! I think that class made Tyler and I realize how close we really are. 
My mom is heading here next week to help me finish out the nursery (cannot wait for yall to see) and help with last minute things. I am so appreciative she is coming to help!! I also have started nesting, and am doing the most ridiculous things. I told Tyler I was getting in the shower a few nights ago (it was around 9pm) and he came in our bedroom to find me steaming curtains?!?! I have also successfully hung things on the wall I didn't know we were missing, redecorated our apartment, and cooked and stocked our freezer with meals for the coming month! I have been very busy with all the things :)
As far as, "how am I doing" because thats what everyone asks at this point! I am doing good. I have battled a cold/seasonal allergies for the past 5-6 weeks which is not fun, but I do feel like I am on the mend. Currently just getting a little lot uncomfortable and thinking each day how can she possibly get any bigger in there?! So far no swelling, but I am starting to get worn out quick again! 

The doctors and our class instructor encouraged us to get everything ready now, since technically she could come at any point. This means packing the hospital bag, having the nursery and her little clothes ready, and most importantly loading the carseat in the car. I died because today Tyler loaded up her carseat and everything felt real!! We had lunch together after church and when we got home he loaded this cutie up in the is so surreal! 
ps: this unrecognizable man is my husband! During his time away from work, recovering from surgery, he decided he would see if he could grow facial hair... lol I would say thats a yes! 

Still craving all of the ice, I have had to limit myself so my teeth survive another month! (also thanks for everyone who has reached out about this! My doctor is aware and tested me (again) for anemia, it came back negative!  It's apparently just a craving and at this point I am not turning down a zero calorie craving :) 
Give me all of the baths, I seriously live in our bathtub!
Nesting is obviously a real thing, and it has set in hard these days
The Dreft has arrived (thanks amazon prime) and her laundry is about to begin! 
To be totally honest I am really getting anxious too, I am constantly quoting Phillipians 4:6
I am getting serious about eating these days, like I am not missing any meals :)
She is SO active, my stomach literally dances every night. The doctor asked us to start doing "kick counts" and Tyler and I laugh because we always get to the recommended kicks in minutes! 
I finally ordered a few maternity items, and returned all of them except leggings and a dress and I think my life has changed with those leggings :) haha
I am obsessed with granola, greek yogurt and fruit. I make a little parfait almost every night
We seriously say everyday "I cannot believe this is happening" and we are so excited to be parents!
Can't wait to meet you Ella Jane Barnett 


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