Sunday, October 28, 2018


Somehow, we are now less than three weeks away from meeting Ella Jane. We have been in a mad rush to get everything finished and have made the list and checked it twice :)

I have honestly loved most of pregnancy; it feels like such a gift to be able to carry our sweet girl and I am getting so excited to meet her. Tyler and I had pictures taken recently and honestly I was a little nervous because I was am S.O. PREGNANT!! but I am SO glad we did them! Seriously, they are some of my favorite pictures of me and Tyler ever! We are celebrating such a sweet time in our life, and I know I am going to love looking back on this for years to come. 

Here are just a few of our favorites...

L  O  V  E 
Tyler and I have been checking in with my doctor weekly and this past Friday he told us
"See ya next week, unless I see ya before" C R A Z Y we are getting so close! She could seriously come any day now. 

So lucky to be in love with this man! Cannot wait to see him as a daddy 

ps: found this dress tucked away in my closet... I wore it on our honeymoon over four years ago! So special that I was able to find it and be able to wear it again
Ella Jane, we cannot wait to be your parents! 

 So here is my best advice:
If you are on the fence on taking pictures... always say YES
If you are in the Dallas area I have the best photographer! 
We worked with Becca and she did such an amazing job and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. (PS. It's not an easy when you have a huge bump) You can contact her & follow along with her Instagram account linked below:


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  1. So happy for both of you..... you cannot imagine how much you will love Ella Jane the first moment you see and touch her. A wonderful creation from God!