Wednesday, October 31, 2018


As October comes to an end, it marks one year on the calendar of blogging here at XOBARNETT
scheduling my first post back in October of 2017

I launched my blog just over a year ago today and I’ve never been so thankful I finally followed my dream! I never in a million years would have guessed this little blog would turn into what it has- I’m now hundreds of miles from friends and family and this has kept me in touch (and re-acquainted me) with so many friends and family members!

 So... what’s changed in a year?! How about E V E R Y T H I N G.
 I have spent the past few days reflecting on how much has changed and how grateful I am to be where I’m at now. I never would have dreamed things would be like they are now, but I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything. In honor of my one year blogiversary I compiled some of my best memories and favorite posts over the past year! So thankful to have this dedicated little space on the internet to look back on some of the best times and times I will never forget

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Launch + my first fashion post on the blog. PINK PERSONALITY was a snapshot of me and my love for fashion + the first time I got to share details on styling and my love for the color pink.

My first travel guide and post since launching the blog! Tyler and I visited New York together and I was able to document all the details in a series of 3 posts. My favorite posts were PART I & PART II 

Looking back now I am so glad Tyler and I took this trip together. I was really "on top of my game" so to speak at work, he was doing big things, and we were making plans for the future!

The moment I posted about LUCY passing I knew this blog was going to become so much more than I ever dreamed of. The outpouring of love and support was unbelievable and something I am still to this day so grateful for.

A very special trip to the TREE FARM and a holiday tour of our home decorated is so fun to look back on! I miss this house and I know as the holiday's approach I will miss it even more- so I am glad I have pictures of it!
Sharing our family traditions, all of my snail mail, fun trips and memories filled my December posts! It is one of my favorite months to look back on in the entire blog.

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Two of my favorite fashion posts on the entire blog came in the month of January.

Tyler would meet me on lunch and take pictures for me in the freezing cold! I knew he was a keeper long before that, but this confirmed it. 

I also shared lots of snail mail love in January with how to DIY Valentines and took you on a tour of my guest bedroom/office filled with IKEA hacks! At the time, it was one of my most viewed posts. I remember being so excited to share home decor as well as fashion and travel with yall.

March is when life turned upside down! We had just gotten home from a fabulous TRIP TO ITALY, our Cavapups arrived, and we announced we were MOVING TO DALLAS
Looking back at this month on here just gives me anxiety, lol but it also brings back the happiest memories! We also were getting ready to list our first home and I got to share a post with the BEFORE & AFTER transformation it went under!

In April we traveled for several weddings, visited family, and welcomed the TWINS to XOBARNETT
I will never forget trying to take photos for the Milly & Beaux blog post, lets just say they kept it exciting!
I also was able to work with one of my favorite photographers on a BRIDAL styled shoot in April. It was a milestone for me and for the blog - something I won't forget!

The best news dropped on my blog in MAY! It's no secret we came home with the best souvenir from Italy and we announced that we were EXPECTING BABY BARNETT
Also, we were settling into life here in Dallas, dealing with our apartment flooding, and just attempting to train two crazy pups!

The best surprise of my life came when we announced Baby B was a SHE!
I also posted my first "bumpdate" blog post and details on how we were doing and that I was going to make her a few cute outfits...
In June I also launched my first KITCHEN DIARIES series. It was fun to incorporate another thing I love into the blog with this launch!

In July I traveled to see family and friends, continued sharing favorite recipes and shared another Bumpdate. This month Ella Jane was given a NAME!

To look back on August now I can breath a sigh of relief... but living this month in real life was another story!
I was able to share lots of fun updates and exciting things with the pregnancy- like hitting the THIRD TRIMESTER and getting to show off some of the cute things I had CREATED for Ella Jane.
But this month also came with lots of hurdles- I shared a very personal journey on the blog in a two part series. In August the blog became more to me than I could have imagined- you loved us, prayed for us and supported me and Tyler and our growing little family!
I entitled these posts When Life Gives You Lemons...
Tyler was diagnosed with a tumor that required brain surgery and total loss of hearing in one ear. These posts are a real-time recap of life as it was and now I could cry just re-reading them today. I look back now and know God had this in his plan when I finally took the leap of faith and created this blog a year ago. It may sound silly, but this became a means of communication and way to share our journey with others!

Bumpdates and celebrating sweet Ella Jane took over the blog in the month of September!

I am so thankful for this journey, this blog and for you...
Keep following along to see where life takes us, for fashion and travel inspiration and for life as we know it

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