Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Welcome to the world sweet Ella Jane!
On Sunday, November 11th we welcomed our precious baby girl into the world. We are already so in love and cannot imagine life before her. ps. I didn't understand that saying until I had a baby, now I totally get it!
On Saturday night Tyler and I were watching the LSU vs Arkansas game (a huge deal at our house) and at half time I called my mom and described a pain and tightening in my stomach... I was like am I having a contraction!? She quickly replied, yep sounds like it! We were not expecting her to come on time, or early much less, so we were not prepared for this really at all. Throughout the second half of the game, the contractions started coming frequently, so Tyler decided we should start timing them. We also started scurrying around packing bags and getting things ready to leave if we had to go to the hospital. 

Sure enough, by 2am I had to call the doctor and he told me to wait just a bit then head to the hospital. By 3am, my contractions were less than three minutes apart and Tyler was trying to scoot me out the door as fast as possible... The first time he came to get me I was curling my hair, the second time I was touching up my nail polish, the third time I was making the bed and he decided that was enough... lol he scooped me up and off we went!

Starting off parenting is not ideal with no sleep, but alas, Ella Jane decided it was for the best! After a night of serious contractions and labor, and a little drama, the doctor told us to call all of the family because we were about to have a baby. After my epidural at 7am things went lightning fast and I had her before noon! Ella Jane gave us all a scare a few times, she would hold her breath and the only way to read her heartbeat was for me to constantly roll over to my side. Drama aside we are so thankful because at 11:52am I delivered our precious bundle of joy!

About an hour after delivery, they took her and weighed her and she had everyone stunned weighing in at eight pounds six ounces. No one saw that coming, or thought I would have a baby that big! She was just under 21 inches long and was born with a head full of hair.
Tyler and I were totally shocked when we saw her, like couldn't believe it! Was she perfect to us, of course. Did she look anything like we thought she would, nope! We were both born with blonde hair and blue eyes and she came out with a full head of her daddy's (now) dark hair! She also got his great dark skin but has my nose and long legs, arms and fingers! We are totally in awe of her and look at each other constantly saying 
"we cannot believe she is ours"
So que the family... Of course my baby comes on a Sunday! Daddy was about to start preaching and mom was already at the church...We called my parents and Tyler's parents along with our sisters and my brother and told everyone to head our way Sunday morning. I wanted to wait until we knew she was coming soon to sound the alarm, since I only assumed my labor would be eternal like everyone else in my family... Turns out by the time we had text and called everyone it was almost go time for delivery! But it all worked out just fine :) It gave Tyler and I some time to bond with her and then once we settled in she got to meet all of her new favorite people. 
This picture accurately sums up the excitement! For all my fam pics check out my Insta story highlights HERE
She has been a perfect angel and just a little piglet. Seriously all sister wants to do is eat! When we went for her first appointment with the pediatrician they had her weigh in and then asked us to come back a few days later to check her weight. When we came back she had gained 5oz in just 48 hours! lol Of course we don't sleep, but I don't think we have ever been this happy! 
We have officially had our first bath, hosted a meet and greet with the cavapups (oh my they want to help so bad) and are adjusting to life as a family of three! We have been able to get out for a walk and are so loving this time. Tyler was able to take time off work and I can't imagine doing the first few days without him! He is such a good daddy, I am so grateful for him.
So here are a few favorite pictures of Miss Ella Jane 
 sweet snuggle bunny 
 Mama is my new favorite name! 
PS. Tyler is still salty about this paci! He scanned an "I love daddy" pacifier for our registry but somehow there was confusion and this is what we ended up with! (we laugh every time I put it in her mouth)
all the L O V E from baby-land

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