Monday, December 31, 2018


These are a few of our favorite things!
We are seven weeks in and life with a newborn is a total roller coaster. When I was pregnant with princess I was desperately seeking help from all my momma friends for “must have” items and was so grateful for their help and guidance while registering! Although everyone has a different version of their "must have list" and what works for them, these are some of our favorite things we can’t live without. 
I have linked the products but also filled this post with cute pictures of our sweet girl... because let’s be honest I’m sure that’s why most of you are reading this anyway! :)

This is the most shocking of them all... but mom and I literally had to go buy Ella Jane clothes when she got to Dallas! She only had 2-3 little outfits that actually fit her when she was born. Although she wasn’t tiny, everything was wayyyy too big on her little shoulders. I loved the idea of having her in little gowns but the only problem was most of them were so big at the neckline and would just fall off of her. Our favorite everyday outfits are 
Kickee Pants + Lou Lou gowns 
They are both incredibly soft, easy to put on and take off and fit our little girl perfect!
Lou Lou gowns are our favorite
Tummy time is way more fun in Kickee pants!

Up until six weeks at night she exclusively wore the HALO sleep sack

We received THIS paci from an amazon registry welcome box... and of course this hideous green thing is her favorite! Lol they are one solid piece so baby won’t choke or potentially break the paci off
Diapers- everyone has their favorite but daddy (who takes over most of the diaper duty) prefers HUGGIES over everything! We have tried them all :) ps. I also really suggest a diaper genie as well

The AUTO ROCK & PLAY is an actual life saver. She loves to nap in this or hang out. We have several swinging and sitting options (including the 4moms and a bouncing chair) but we get the most use out of the rock and play for sure!
We brought the rock-n-play with us over the holidays... it was literally the first thing we set up at my parents! Here it is behind Lolo 

At night she sleeps in the halo bassinet (lol when she sleeps)

I bought this car seat cover and it has been so nice to have! I have been able to remove the cover and wash and dry it so it stays clean. 


This may sound so simple, but one of our staples is this sound machineWe turn it on every night to dull the roar of our house :) We made a rule to not "be quiet" for the sleeping baby so she will sleep through almost anything! This adds white noise to the dogs barking, the ice machine going, and the LSU football game on TV!

Last but not least, she just got a more compact stroller and we are LOVING it! The Quinny Zapp Stroller in pink is so cute and easy to use. The seat faces both directions and it folds much smaller than the carseat travel system we have. 
Here we are at my parents house scooting around on Christmas morning!

As she is growing and getting bigger our needs are changing. In fact, I wrote this blog post weeks and weeks ago- but I have held on publishing it to see if anything needed to be added or taken off the list!

All the love from baby-land


Thursday, December 13, 2018


It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Since Tyler and I have been married I have looked forward to mailing a Christmas card every year... okay let’s be honest I have been looking 
forward to it long before we were married in 2014!

It goes without saying that nothing will ever top your first “Married Christmas” card, but this year we may have come close! So excited to have the cavapups around and that Ella Jane made her debut in time for the card this year.

Behold, one of my greatest accomplishments to date- our first family Christmas Card
Newborn baby, Cavapups and all!
We had this photo taken while Becca came in did our in home newborn session! She said she has about ten minutes left with us and I told her to get ready for the craziest seven minutes of her life! The pups did great and Miss Priss even behaved! Ps I’m posting an amazing outtake at the end of this blogpost!!

This year I addressed the envelopes with metallic and even added a cute stamp and festive tape to the back of the cards!
I started the metallic hand lettering tradition back in 2014...
Every year I address the cards differently and keep one on file from years past so I can remember what I have done! It is so fun to look back on old cards and I enjoy reminiscing every year! Here are some favorites from years past...

 Last year I posted my first blog about Christmas Cards! 2017 version can be found HERE 
M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S
&  H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R


Monday, December 10, 2018


So... this is T H I R T Y! A new decade and a new chapter of life. Last year, I published my farewell tour ps I sure left my twenties with a bang. But now I am more excited than ever to start this new season of life!

On the day I turned thirty, I woke up to everything I love right beside me... literally all five of us were in bed together! Tyler, the twins and our newest edition all snuggled up tight. Ella Jane has fallen asleep on my chest and when I woke up I knew the sleepless reality was something I had always dreamed of! 

I spent Sunday morning at home with my little family and was able to relax and have a cup of coffee while Tyler took care of Ella Jane. Ps re-reading that I realize it may sound small... but it’s not these days lol  We talked and just spent time together before leaving for lunch, that almost turned into dinner! We had a few meltdowns before leaving the house and didn’t end up getting lunch until almost 3:30 but that is just fine. Tyler took me to this amazing place downtown called crushcraft. It is a Thai restaurant that was featured on diners drive ins and dives. Tell me that surely I’m not the only one obsessed with this show lol 
First outing as a family of T H R E E 
how fun is this place?!

We had Pad Thai and ran around for a bit after lunch. It was the first time the three of us have gotten out together, besides appointments and I enjoyed it so much. 
Tyler went above and beyond to make the the day special for me and treated me to the sweetest gift. He gave me a band to add to my wedding ring stack and it’s something I will cherish forever! My 30th birthday and a little push present rolled into one perfect gift! 
My mom came and saved our lives (twice) over the past few weeks. Seriously, we are both so thankful for her! She came for a few days then came back to help out again! While she was here (keeping us sane, fed and organized) we also did a little birthday celebration. She picked up Chicfila and treated me to the cutest new pjs and sparkly house shoes! Daddy called yesterday and asked if I still liked my new kicks and I confirmed by telling him I still had not taken them off!
Look how cute these are // You can shop them HERE

I’m so excited for this next chapter of life and looking forward to my best decade yet! I am soaking up every second with our sweet girl and loving the weekends spent as a little family. 

as I love to quote 
The best is yet to come...