Wednesday, February 27, 2019


When Tyler and I moved to Dallas last Spring, things were absolutely insane and we had to work hard and fast to find a place to live! We literally found an apartment in 2 days and it was such an undertaking. I was secretly pregnant and we literally were romping all over the city looking for a place to live! We came in March to find Dallas has one of the largest St. Pattys day parades... something we found out while trying to find a new home! (if ya know, ya know!) It made for finding a place to live and driving around the city extra adventurous. 

We settled on a great little place and I have loved our location! We knew this was not a permeant home but overall we have been so happy here... besides the flood :)
 Since our lease is ending next month we have been on the lookout for a new place to call home, and have found the cutest little house over in East Dallas. We are S O excited because our puppies will finally have a big backyard to play in and we will have a little extra room for family and friends when they come visit!

So, for the past E I G H T months I have intended on posting pictures of our cute little home and have just failed to do so! I have been so busy with everything we have had going on I had not had the opportunity to share, but better late than never!

The real reason I am posting is to share this amazing curtain/window treatment hack

I knew when we moved here that it was not a forever situation, and that I would be here for less than a year... meaning I did not want to spend the money for all new curtains, drapes and curtain rods when I most likely would not want to use them/they most likely would not fit in our next home. The ceilings are super tall in our apartment, and required extra long drapes... so I did a little research and got creative! ps. you can find my entire Pinterest board filled with inspiration for this hack here...I am obviously not the first person to do this :)

These curtains are simply drop cloths from the local hardware store...

I did purchase new curtain rods (found at Tuesday Morning) for a cohesive look in the living area. Then I hung the drop cloth curtains on the rods across the entire apartment open area. We have massive windows that take up most of the space here so I wanted something floor to ceiling that would fill the space, but also on a budget because I knew it wasn't worth spending money on a place we would live for a hot second!

Here are the curtains (lol) and rings I purchased

I just faked a pinch pleat on each panel and hung the rings on the rod!
I used the clips a little lower on the fabric so the only thing visible is the ring (not the clip)
PSA Call your mom, you will need backup reinforcements for all of the ironing/steaming it takes to transform drop cloths into curtains! Besides that, this project is SO. EASY!
We have loved the open living space and living here but are so excited for the new adventure! More to come from our cute little house!


Monday, February 11, 2019


Cannot believe it is possible, but little miss Ella Jane is T H R E E months old today
 Our sweet little girl is growing so big and changing so much every day!
Her favorite things are bath time, music, and morning play time. She has gotten so interactive with all of her toys in the past few weeks. She will look at the light, and play with her turtle and friends for such a long time. 
Every morning I play with her and read her stories. She plays in her crib and loves tummy time. Today when I was taking her pictures she had a new trick for me- and rolled over! I immediately facetimed Tyler at work to tell him! I assumed it was a fluke, but she did it again! 

 Her favorite books right now are Puppy Makes Mischief and Who's a Pretty Girl
Our pediatrician said the best thing we can do for her is read to her right now, so we spend lots of time doing just that! 
 Little Miss Bright eyes can get a little sassy sometimes, and her personality is really starting to show. She doesn't miss a single meal and is really just interested in hanging out. She loves to be held and cuddled and is still not sure about sleeping :) Everyone always asks if she is sleeping and I just laugh because babies don't really sleep do they?! She slept through the night at 8 weeks but hasn't done that much recently. She did add an extra bit of sleep to her schedule at 10 weeks and that has been so nice. She goes down around 9:30 (vs midnight) in her crib and sometimes stays there for thirty minutes and sometimes three hours. She wakes up to eat a few times in the night but loves to go back to sleep after daddy leaves for work in the morning and sleep in! (she is for sure our daughter- night owl but loves to sleep in) Regardless, she is perfect to us!  
 Her little giggles are infections, and she has really started cooing and talking to us lately. Every night after bath time she will talk and talk! I think she is already dragging out bedtime :) haha
She also is playing with her little hands and smiling bright for us
 She loves when I sing to her and when her daddy plays the guitar for her, some nights it is the only thing that will calm her down. We constantly have music playing for her in the nursery and she already has a few playlists that are her favorite. 
 I joined a bible study back in January for new moms and have met some great mommas here in Dallas. We meet once a week for bible study at the church, and then also meet for a playdate! I call it the mommy club :)
When I dreamed of having a little girl, I thought it would be just as sweet as this picture... I can't even handle a pink ruffle bottom! She wears pink almost every day and loves a big pink bow in her hair.

Ella Jane has blessed us in so many ways. Tyler and I are so grateful she is part of our family and the Cavapups love "helping" with her too! We have a big month coming up- visitors, Tyler's birthday and then packing... more on that to come!