Sunday, April 28, 2019


 This Spring season has been so beautiful and fun!  We have spent most of April traveling and were in Fort Smith for Easter weekend. We had our family pictures taken while we were home, and of course last minute I realized I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR?! In a panic, I started scouring my closet - then the web for something to grab last minute! In a daze (literally in the middle of the night) I found this dress on Amazon! What a perfect find, it was cute, only $26 and could be on my doorstep in 48 hours :) 
ps. I have linked the dress and sizing details at the bottom of this post

We had our family pictures taken by Samantha with Kindred Collective 
Samantha and I were friends in high school and she has literally been taking my families pictures for years! 
These may just be our favorites to date though...
Moment of silence because we are now all grown up?! and there is a new person in the pictures! 
 Most of Ella Jane's dresses are from Cecil & Lou or are vintage pieces//aka all mine! This is the best brand if you are looking for monogramed, smocked or sweet baby/children's clothing. Everything is priced well and the quality has been fantastic on everything I have gotten her!

So thankful for our family
 Maybe my favorite picture of them all. So grateful for my parents and we are already planning *Summer Camp* at Lolo & Po's in Fort Smith when she gets a little bigger! 
 One of her new tricks is sticking her tongue out at people! It was windy when we took the pics and she kept sticking her little tongue out to feel the wind! SO CUTE 
 So sad she has no personality... 
 My people
 Momma and Mini 

Dress details - ordered on Amazon Prime 
I was literally up reading reviews on this dress when I ordered it at midnight one night...and I really went back and forth on sizing. Everyone did comment it ran small and was sheer. ps. I did not have issues with it being sheer. I did size up and probably should have just ordered my normal size but it was fine regardless! I typically wear a size small or size 4. This brand has size 4 as a medium but someone that was 4'11'' said it was the perfect fit/length for her! :) considering I'm wayyy taller than that (I am 5'8") I went ahead and ordered a large. Hope this helps!
If I didn't need it the next day I would have returned it for a smaller size, so thats an option as well! Free shipping and returns - you can't even lose!