Thursday, June 27, 2019


Hi Friends! As many of you know, last Fall I began working part time for Stitch Fix! I wrote all about going back to work after having Ella Jane and you can find that blog post here 

I am loving my role as a stylist and I am so excited because I have been given a special link to share with friends and family to receive $25 credit when you join Stitch Fix that can be used towards your first Fix.

I am sure some of you wonder what I do and what Stitch Fix is all about... and if it would be a good fit for you! I have answers to a few common questions below, as well as info on the company and how the process works

So what do you do?  I am a part time stylist and I work from home. (yayyy! Thats time with Ella Jane )
Who do you style? I style within the women's business line and help pull together an assortment of items for women who are so busy and don't have time to shop, don't have a place to shop, want to find something new and fresh, need style advice or just want to try something fun!
I work with clients all over the country to help them find and fill their closets with must have items. From dresses for vacation, to styling outfits and sending options for engagement photos, to nailing a first interview look - I have helped so many women find the perfect outfit to show off their personal style! It is truly amazing how a great outfit can give anyone an extra boost of confidence. Stitch Fix is so amazing and literally gives you a personalized shopping experience just by joining and filling out a profile.
So thankful for a fun job that allows me to stay home with my best girl!
This page has helpful information directly from Stitch Fix about how styling works, how the shipments work, and how to start a profile! 
So if you are looking for a little styling assistance, want to find on-trend new items, or just curate your work wardrobe try it out! 
to sign up! My link is valid for both the Men's & Women's business lines. For the credit to be applied, you must sign up via, not the mobile app.