Wednesday, August 28, 2019


How is it possible that Ella Jane has been earth side as long as she was on the inside?! We love this sassy girl so much and the past few months have been the best! We keep a promptly journal baby book for her and every month we write a few little things we are loving and answer a few questions about her... Let's just say we keep writing "this is my favorite month so far" over and over lately!
PS: if you are going to a baby shower and don't know what to get... pick up one of these baby journals because they are so easy to use and so sweet to look back on! 

I have been totally consumed with work, the babe, traveling this Summer and settling in to our house that I have totally been off the radar lately! I just wanted to do a quick update on life and things around here :) 

We had the opportunity to travel to the beach with my fam this Summer, traveled back to Arkansas for some amazing weddings and spent time with family while we were there! Ella Jane and I also went to the lake with my girlfriends and caught one last Rangers game as a family of three before they move to their new stadium! This Summer has been packed full of all our favorite things and I am so glad Ella Jane was along for the ride. She is such a good traveler and sometimes sleeps better on vacation than at home! lol With being on the go so much I am grateful for this! Here are a few fun pictures from our Summer adventures:

Ella Jane started going to Sunday School at church this Summer!

 Little Miss 4th of July

We LOVE to celebrate any holiday around here!

We were able to spend time in Little Rock with friends and family!
 Our Favorite Place is the Beach!

Family Beach Vacation
So happy I get to love these two!
Wedding Dress Shopping for Aunt Callie
I also took Ella Jane to my favorite places in Fayetteville this Summer!
With Mom at her 9 Month Appointment
Girls Trip to Fayetteville and to the lake with friends 
 Ella Janes first baseball game at the Ranger's Stadium

We also hit a huge milestone this August - Tyler visited the surgeon and he has gone one year without any re-growth to the area where they removed his brain tumor last Fall. He is still adjusting to only being able to hear out of one ear, but we are thrilled with the MRI results. This year Ella Jane was with him at the appointment to celebrate!

Fun things at this age:
Ella Jane loves to eat!! Seriously, my friends and family ask me to send videos of her eating because it is SO intense! She is eating table food and is such a big girl! Her favorite things to chow down are: Taco Tuesday nights- give her all the guac, tacos, sour cream and beans and rice! lol  Lots of chicken, cheese, peanut butter, cottage cheese, and broccoli!
Sista is on the move... she's been crawling around and getting in to absolutely EVERYTHING
She loves her puppies and giggles at them non-stop!
Every day when her daddy walks in the door from work she squeals and claps her hands and laughs and I know it makes Tylers day!
She is still sleeping through the night and taking two good naps every day!
I am so thankful for a happy and healthy baby

If you made it through all of that you deserve a medal!
Next time I promise to not stay away for so long...