Wednesday, October 23, 2019


We have been visiting the Dallas Arboretum over and over again to see all the pumpkins and gorgeous Fall blooms. Ella Jane loves strolling around, meeting new friends and "playing" with the pumpkins! 
mama + Ella Jane
We have really enjoyed the recent break in the weather and have been spending as much time playing outside as possible! 
She is very curious these days!
I made chili the first time it fell below 80 degrees, because 79 counts right?! We have loved spending time together and have really been enjoying our big girl. She is so fun to be around these days!
We were so excited to have Tylers parents come and visit us a few weekends ago! We had lots of plans and didn't quite make all of them, but enjoyed our time together! Here they are with our best girl at the arboretum- before those temps dropped I might add!
Is there anything better than a chunky baby in knee socks?!

I hope you are enjoying the Fall weather as much as we are!